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Zamek Veltrusy


10 Tips for Castles and Châteaus in Winter

17. 1. 2022

Do you love the mystery of castle corners and the romance of castle chambers? You don't have to wait until spring for castles and châteaus to open their gates to visitors.

In Central Bohemia you can find 10 places that take advantage of the winter atmosphere and attract visitors even in the cold season. So some warm clothes and a good mind with you as we follow in the footsteps of kings and noble lords.

zámek Loučeň s bludištěm

Loučeň Château

If you are looking for a truly unconventional experience, and at the same time you want to enjoy a lively interpretation of the history of the castle premises, then you must go to Loučeň Château. This is where history really comes alive! The former residents of the Thurn-Taxis family will guide you through the château chambers and will acquaint you with their life in the château to the last detail. For children, the owners have prepared a special tour tailored to their needs. And if the sun is shining outside, take a stroll through the château park, which will make your head whirl. A total of 12 labyrinths and mazes made of various materials are waiting for you. The château area is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.in winter.

Hrad Český Šternberk

Český Šternberk Castle

It is mirrored on the surface of the Sázava River and has both a castle and château appearance. What’s that? Yes, that’s right, it’s Český Šternberk Castle, which has been the seat of the Czech noble family of Sternberg for more than 700 years. Although the castle may appear cold from the outside, like other Gothic castles, it hides beautifully decorated and rich chambers that any château would not be ashamed of. You can see for yourself during the winter tours every Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m..

Hrad Karlštejn

Karlštejn Castle

Who hasn’t been to Karlštejn, it’s as if he didn’t even live. Karlštejn should simply not be missing on everyone’s visit list. If you haven’t made it to Karlstejn yet, you can make up for it in winter. In November and December from Friday to Sunday you can visit the private and representative chambers of the founder of the castle during  The Imperial Residence of Charles IV guided tour. Walk through the places where the greatest personality of Czech history walked and soak up the medieval atmosphere of the castle, which is known almost throughout the world.

Zamek Veltrusy

Veltrusy Château

We will start our journey on the banks of the Vltava River. The Baroque Veltrusy Château mainly attracts the attention of many travellers thanks to its appearance, the ground plan in an x-shape and also a park with many romantic buildings, which is in no less beautiful as the much better known Lednice-Valtice area. Every winter weekend from 11 am to 3 pm you can visit the Aristocracy: the Beginning of the End or the Laboratory tour, where you can learn all about the operation of the château, its reconstruction and how the renovation of historical collections is carried out.

město Mělník v zimě

Mělník Château

We will move further along the Vltava River to the north and see a royal city with a wine tradition. Mělník Château, standing above the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava rivers, boasts art collections and a large wine cellar. You can explore the château on your own and enjoy each room and the historical jewels hidden in it for as long as you like. Or use the guide to answer even the most curious of questions. In winter 2023 the Mělník Chateau remains closed. 

zámek Brandýs nad Labem

Brandýs nad Labem Château

The Renaissance jewel with rich sgraffito decoration was especially popular with the rulers of the Habsburg dynasty. You can visit the imperial and royal château on a guided winter tour on weekends every full hour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You will see the apartment of Emperor Charles I and Empress Zita, the castle library of the Tuscan Habsburgs and the armament of the imperial cavalry. We recommend to complement your visit with the escape game The Lost Treasure of Rudolf II, which uses the real château premises as a coulisse.

Zámek Radim

Radim Château

Radim Château is such an undiscovered jewel in Central Bohemia. From the outside, the castle looks cold and austere, but inside is a real Renaissance treasure. Yet it is still waiting for its great discovery. It is just a short drive from Kolín and is really worth a visit. It is open every weekend and tours start at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. The owners, who have put their whole heart into saving the monument, have prepared 3 sightseeing tours and one special tour for children, during which they will try on period clothing and try to defeat the evil sorcerer.

Zámek Mníšek pod Brdy

Mníšek pod Brdy Château

To get know the life of the nobility during the First Republic, visit Mníšek pod Brdy Château. From Tuesday to Sunday, representative salons and private rooms with daily necessities await you. The castle organises special fairy tale tours for child visitors, for which you can find information on the château’s website. And after visiting the château, head to the nearby Skalka pilgrimage area. The fire, which is always lit from Friday to Sunday at the local snack bar, will warm your body and soul, and the roasted sausage will make you long for summer barbecues.


Červený Újezd Castle

At first glance, it might seem that Červený Újezd Castle has been standing in its place for centuries. Don’t be fooled, the castle is only 20 years old! It was literally built from the ground up in 2001-2002 by Pavel Orna. Today, in addition to the tavern, you will find the Museum of the Czech Countryside here, which introduces the everyday life of country people from the 17th to 20th century. In the garden there is a small open-air museum with a replica of a windmill, a hop dryer, a bell tower, wine cellars and other buildings. You can see this unique thing with your own eyes every weekend from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in winter.

Křivoklát v zimě

Křivoklát Castle

We’ll end our wanderings through winter castles in style. Křivoklát is one of the oldest castles in the country and its history dates back to the first Přemyslid kings. Until 11 December you can visit the interiors of the castle, whose beauty has enchanted a whole host of Czech and foreign film productions, every weekend from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit the places where the Czech crown jewels were hidden, where the impostor and charlatan Edward Kelley lived involuntarily and where the secret love between Archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol and Philippine Welser flourished.


Castles are never enough! We will sign this with a calm heart. How about a trip to the ruins of castles that were not lucky enough to survive in all their glory until today? In the Bohemian Paradise visit Valečov, not far from Mladá Boleslav the fairy tale Zvířetice and in around the picturesque Sázava River, discover Zlenice and Zbořený Kostelec. The ruins of the royal castle of Týřov, which is even slightly older than the aforementioned Křivoklát, guard the landscape in silence above the pleasant Berounka River. Or head to Toulava, where the ruins of the royal castle Vrškamýk are hidden in Kamýk nad Vltavou.

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