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10 tips to experience tradition

16. 10. 2022

The immeasurable value of tradition is built upon in Central Bohemia. It requires courage, skilled hands, perseverance and diligence, but everything is possible with a bit of love.

Discover the magic of tradition! Whether you travel for unique Bohemian crystal, a candle shop, pottery, timber rafting, chocolate or the bitter beer, you’ll experience tradition with your own senses and bring home a unique memory. Let’s have a look at 10 tips on where to see and try your hand at some traditions.

Sklárna Glasstar Nenačovice
Glasstar Nenačovice Glassworks
© Romana Starová

Czech crystal: a fragile beauty, a strong tradition

You can explore the fragile beauty of glass products in several glassworks in Central Bohemia – and not only there. Visit the family-owned Rückl glassworks in Nižbor, a synonym of world-class cut crystal since 1846. Learn all about the individual stages and traditional techniques of glass manufacture during a guided tour. You can even try the work of a grinder.

Or see the eye-popping exhibition in the Centre of Glass Art in Sázava. The dilapidated historical technical monument, the František Glassworks, built in 1882 near the local monastery by Josef Kavalír, has been transformed into a place with the largest collection of modern glass on display in the world. You can also enrol in one of the organised glass-making courses.

Hrnčířské trhy v Berouně
Traditional pottery markets in Beroun
©Kamila Kohoutová

Pottery in Beroun, or a rediscovered tradition

Discover a renewed tradition in Beroun! The potters of Beroun were famous for their skill far and wide as early as the Middle Ages. Pottery especially flourished at the turn of the 17th century. And it is precisely this tradition that the locals have picked up again. Popular pottery markets have been organised in the town since 1997.

You can also visit the Museum of Beroun Pottery with an interesting exposition on the secrets of the local craft, which has been open year-round since 2015. What are the typical features of Beroun pottery? A red to reddish-brown colour and white or green decoration. If interested, you can become a potter at the local workshop. Either for a few minutes or hours, or permanently thanks to one of the long-running courses. Have you pulled up your sleeves yet?

Ever heard of nail makers?

Do you know anything about this craft? Although it no longer exists, it would be a shame to forget about it. Stud makers were basically blacksmiths who specialised in the production of different types of nails and studs.

Almost every other building in Starý Rožmitál had a nail maker. Today, you can visit the museum in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, open year-round, which you won’t find anywhere else in Europe, or probably even the world.

Expozice Knihtiskárna Kutná Hora
Family printshop and letterpress in Kutná Hora
© Archives of Central Bohemia Tourist Board

Smell the printing ink and print a postcard

Kutná Hora boasts a rich tradition of local printing shops. Learn about the 500 years of history at an exposition in the local Knihtiskárna – Kutná Hora Museum. You won’t see any ‘do not touch’ signs here. On the contrary! You can examine all the exhibits, touch them and even try some of them yourself. Those who want to smell the ink up close can hand-print their own postcard on a hundred-year-old machine. Are you in?

Příroda a ekologie, Levandulové údolí
Levander Valley
© Archives of Central Bohemia Tourist Board

A scented adventure

Rodas in Šestajovice not only makes candles, soap, coloured pencils and cosmetic products with the help of the locals. An experiential adventure also awaits the public here. Try various local workshops where you can make and decorate your own candles, soaps, bath salts, crayons, and even gingerbread cookies and Belgian chocolate. You’ll experience the tradition first-hand, bring home a handmade souvenir and the pleasant scent will linger with you for a long time thereafter.

Hamousův statek
Hamous Farm in Zbečno
©Dagmar Malinová

All kinds of crafts, authentically and with your own hands

You will not only see, but also try crafts of all kinds in the art and craft village of Botanicus Ostrá near Lysá nad Labem. Discover the work of a tinker, potter, rope maker, soap maker, basket weaver, blacksmith, archer, candle maker and paper maker, and learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of their crafts. Experience a unique atmosphere at a medieval market, where you can buy some stylish products, including local cosmetics. Fancy some relaxation and doing nothing for a while? Have a rest in the local herb garden.

A trip for home made bread

Can you smell the freshly baked crusty bread? It’s Saturday and the aroma is coming from Hamous’ farm in Zbečno. The farmstead with a timbered house, stalls, stables with granary, barn, smoke kitchen and jointure will take you back to a time long gone. Some parts of the farmstead were most likely built as early as in the 13th century. Take a trip back in time and imagine how our ancestors once lived. If you come on Saturday, you can watch the regular baking of home made bread.

Tradice vorařství na Vltavě
Timber rafting on the Vltava River
© Vorařské spolky Davle a Útěchovice

Timber rafters back in the spotlight

If everything goes well, timber rafting could be inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage at the end of the year. Discover timber rafting ahead of time! Even though commercial timber rafting transport on the Vltava River, which was in operation since the 11th century, disappeared with the creation of the Vltava Cascade, its tradition is still alive. It is maintained, among others, by the Vltavan Davle society. It’s no coincidence that Davle has also received the title of a Timber Rafting Village. The society also manages a small museum, organises interesting events in the summer and cruises on a traditional raft.

Muzeum čokolády Kutná Hora, Lidka
Museum of chocolate in Kutná Hora
© Kristýna Křenková

Czech chocolate among the best in the world

Did you know that chocolate manufactured in Kutná Hora before WWII used to be one of the best in the world? And it is making a comeback. The local chocolate factory was founded in 1918 and exported chocolate and bonbons under the Lidka brand all over the world. It was restored in 2018, and the factory now also has a small museum. It’s hard to believe how much science lies behind chocolate. Come see it for yourselves and through your own taste buds. Learn everything about the history of chocolate, its cultivation and production during guided tasting events.

The Steam Powered Brewery in Lobeč
The Steam Powered Brewery in Lobeč
© Good Agency s. r. o.

A traditionally bitter beer

Learn about the tradition of Czech beer brewing from a different angle than at a table with a beer in your hand. Visit the Černý Kostelec brewery, where the National Museum of Beer Brewing is gradually expanding. The authentic historical malt house, which has become a museum with the largest operating brewing house with direct wood heating in the world, presents mostly Austrian-Hungarian brewing technology on an area of 4,000 m². In addition to the unique museum, you’ll also visit the brewery restaurant.

Are you interested in the history of beer brewing and want to know more about it? Visit the steam engine brewery in Lobeč. The technical monument, which has recently risen out of ashes, will tell you the story of a beer brewing tradition in the Kokořín region that has lasted for five-hundred years. Architect Pavel Prouza, the owner, will be your guide. Naturally, the tour includes some beer tasting. Bring some warm clothes and boots as the brewery is quite cold throughout the year.

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