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Chrám sv. Barbory v Kutné Hoře


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The Cathedral of St. Barbara in Kutná Hora

The Gothic landmark of the royal town of Kutná Hora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Cathedral of St. Barbara is an example of the wealth of a medieval town combined with the piety of its inhabitants.

The Cathedral of St. Barbara in Kutná Hora is a magnificent, yet pleasantly intimate building with an unforgettable atmosphere. Its construction began in the Middle Ages, yet it was not completed until the 20th century. And although the cathedral mixes Gothic architecture with modern elements, its uniqueness has led to its inclusion on the UNESCO list of monuments. 

St. Barbara is venerated as a helper in need, intercessor for a good death and patroness of all those with dangerous occupations, especially miners. It was the miners of Kutná Hora who contributed most to the flourishing of medieval Kutná Hora and to the construction of the cathedral, which they dedicated to their patron saint.  

  • Interesting fact: The origins of the building date back to the 14th century and are connected to the famous Parléř ironworks. This was followed by many other brilliant artists and builders, including the famous Benedikt Ried, the builder of Vladislav Hall at Prague Castle. When the mines in Kutná Hora ran out of silver in the 16th century, the construction had to be temporarily stopped. If this had not been done, the cathedral would probably have occupied the whole area of the current park in front of the temple up to the main road.  

The current appearance of the cathedral dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when it was extensively restored in Gothic style . Immediately upon entering the sanctuary, you will feel its extraordinary atmosphere. From the outside, the dark temple, decorated with a variety of water gargoyles, will suddenly be beautifully coloured by the sun shining through the stained glass windows 

  • Interesting fact: The three tent roofs mark the three hills surrounding Kutná Hora: Kuklik, Kaňk and Sukov. When the church belonged to the Jesuits from the neighbouring college, which today houses the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, there used to be only one roof. The church bells still hang in the tower of the college and are gradually undergoing repairs.  

The Cathedral of St. Barbara is a colourful gallery of rare Gothic frescoes and ceramic art, but all subsequent generations have left their mark here as well. At the beginning of the 20th century, generous donors of the neo-Gothic restoration had a large part of the windows decorated with stained glass, on which the painter František Urban depicted a number of purely Christian motifs and important events of his time. This tradition was continued in 2014 with the last artistic feat so far: a stained glass window with the motif of St. Agnes of Premyslid, which decorated the last clear window in the south aisle of the church.  

  • Tip for you: During a tour of the cathedral, you can not only get to the inner gallery with the organ, where exhibitions are held, but also, by prior arrangement , to the roof gallery. For the best view of the town, climb the narrow spiral staircase. 
Where to head next?

A visit to historic Kutná Hora is a great experience. As you stroll through the charming local streets, be sure to visit the Vlašský dvůr, where you can also stamp your own groschen, stop for a sweet break at the small Museum of Kutná Hora Chocolate and Lidka Chocolate Factory, or make your own souvenir postcard at the local Print Shop. Are you tempted to go beyond the city limits? Visit the castles of Kačina and Žleby or the nearby royal town of Kolín.  

Kutná Hora, Chrám sv. Barbory, exteriér



Barborská, Kutná Hora, 284 01




+420 327 515 796

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