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Skalní reliéf Čertovy hlavy na podzim


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Čertovy hlavy – The Devil Heads

It’s worth letting your imagination run wild in the rocks and discover what they remind you of. Sometimes, the sculptors help shape them: that’s how Čertovy hlavy, or the Devil Heads, were created.

The monumental rock sculptures can be found in a pine forest near Liběchov by Želízy. Two, approximately nine-metre-tall terrifying devil heads, created by Václav Levý, were the first sculptures to appear in the local sandstone rocks between 1841 and 1846. Considering the dimensions, this artwork is quite unique in the country.

The devil heads are accessible along a blue trail that starts by the municipal office in Želízy. The trail is known as the Václav Levý Loop Trail. A number of other reliefs were soon to follow.

Visit the Klácelka Cave and take a look at the large relief of Jan Žižka, Prokop Holý, Zdeněk Zásmucký and dwarves forging weapons for the Knights of Blaník. The cave conceals symbols of human traits in animal forms according to the fables by František Matouš Klácel, whom the cave is named after.

If you continue along the blue trail, you’ll come across a snake chiselled into the rock, cut with an axe, and a woman with a harp – the Harpist. Don’t miss the sandstone sphinx. Wandering through the Kokořín region past the local sculptures is a balm for the soul.

Čertovy hlavy a Okruh Václava Levého

Did you know?

Václav Levý was originally a cook at the nearby château in Liběchov. He later became one of the most prominent sculptors of the nineteenth century, and you can see his artwork in several Prague churches, including St. Vitus Cathedral.

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