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Sklárna Glasstar Nenačovice


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Glasstar Glassworks

The Glasstar glassworks in Nenačovice, founded in 1996, started as a small family business, however it has come a long way since then and has earned both fame and respect.

This glassworks specialises in original decorative items made from coloured glass, which are available for purchase in a small store immediately after finishing a tour of its premises.

The family Glasstar business was literally built by its owner Julius Starove from scratch. In its humble beginnings the glassworks had no buildings, only a small outdoor furnace. At present, Glasstar Nenačovice focuses on the manufacture of glass by hand, the sale of its products, and providing consulting services within its industry. This family business runs small-scale production, its designer products are available in several stores in the centre of Prague as well as in its own store on the premises of the company. The glassworks currently produce about 200 types of products, for instance, coloured glass flowers, vases, bowls, paperweights, and other decorative items.



Nenačovice 69, 266 01 Nenačovice




+420 606 360 903

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Možnost parkování za mostem cca 100 m od sklárny.


WC jsou k dispozici přímo v budově sklárny.


Do sklárny je jeden schod, prohlídka sklárny bezbariérová.
Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access

Domácí mazlíčci do sklárny mohou, avšak majitelé je musí mít plně pod kontrolou.


Občerstvení je možné v obci Nenačovice.
Snack shop

Snack shop