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Kačina Château

East of Kutná Hora stands one of the few Empire buildings in the Czech Republic: the beautiful Kačina Château, surrounded by a large park. You will learn here, among other things, how the nobility farmed.

The architecturally unique and unmistakable Kačina Château was the representative seat of the politically and socially important Chotka family and at the same time the centre of the cultural life of the entire region. Many interesting events are still held here today.  

 Jan Rudolf Chotek, the builder of the château, a nobleman and a great agricultural entrepreneur, spared no expense on his representative residence. In addition, twenty years before its construction, he had the surrounding English landscape park established, so that later he would move to a château surrounded by mature greenery. The château building is characterised by its majestic Empire-style columned arms: from one end to the other, it measures almost 230 metres. It houses a unique Chotkov library, salons, a historic pharmacy and a period theatre.  

  • Interesting fact: The château houses the Museum of the Czech Countryside, a branch of the National Museum of Agriculture. Therefore, in addition to the history of the château and the Chotek family, you will learn about life in the château and the surroundings from a completely different angle. 

You can explore Kačina in detail thanks to several sightseeing tours. In the castle garden, built in the style of an English nature and landscape park, you will find a greenhouse, a stable, a herb garden and a nature trail From the Life of Insects. With small children, you can make the trip more fun with the cheerful wooden trolleys, which are available for free rental. The big visitors will have fun in the historical costume rental. 

  • Tip for you: There is always something going on in Kačina, don’t miss a visit to one of the events. Among the most popular ones are the traditional grape harvest party or Hubert’s ride through the château park 

Inside the château you will see 13 chambers of the Chotek family, a classicist library, a chapel that was never finished and the original château theatre. The Choteks loved it. Close contact with the audience was ensured by the theatre’s rectangular layout, while the innovative high flies ensured a quick change of scenery. Behind the secret door, you will have a glimpse into a pharmacy with herbs from their own gardens. The exhibition Life under the Stairs will take you through the economic background of the château and introduce you to the life of the servants. The exhibition floor is used for temporary exhibitions.  

Kačina has appeared on the film screen more than once. See if you recognize it from The Curse of the Brothers Grimm, Les Misérables, From Hell or the show Carnival Row. VIP tours are organized for groups, named for example Film Kačina, Soil and Bath or Château Gallery.  

Where to head next?

Stay in apartments in the former coach house and explore the surroundings of Kačina Château. The nearest town is the royal town of Kutná Hora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Cathedral of St. Barbara, the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region (GASK) or the medieval silver mine. In Sedlec, visit the world-famous ossuary or Sedlec Cathedral. Up for a bigger adventure? In Marina in Týnec nad Labem you can rent a cabin boat and enjoy an unforgettable holiday on the water. 

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