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Zámecký kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie. zámek Loučeň


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Loučeň Castle

A literal European rarity is hidden in the Nymburk region. The year-round accessible Loučeň Castle hides a Labyrintharium in its unconventional park - 12 mazes and labyrinths inviting to play and relax.

Loučeň Castle comes alive with various events and special tours throughout the year and certainly never sleeps: the castle exhibition and the English park with labyrinths are open all year round, including Christmas. In addition, you can also stay in the castle hotel. 

You will be guided through the romantic castle by His Highness’s butler or the Prince or Princess themselves. Sometimes the White Lady also appears as a guide. The castle offers guided tours with costumed characters. In addition, there are special children‘s tours, suitable for visitors as young as three years old, or sweet tours with the smell and taste of chocolate. The programme includes picnics in the castle park, competitions, castle festivities and other programmes.  

  • Tip for you: Head for a picnic in the castle park, baskets and blankets will be gladly prepared for you. You will be surrounded by exotic trees, among which the protected Liriodendron tulipifera, about 170 years old, stands out.  

A European rarity awaits you on a total of 23 hectares: 12 labyrinths and mazes. Each labyrinth is completely different and they are all fun, magical and supposedly have a miraculous ability to recharge lost energy. Buxus, cobblestone or rope maze, light and small finger labyrinth. Which will you solve first? 

  • Tip for you: Do you want to sleep like a prince or princess right in the castle? The local Maxmilian Lifestyle Resort offers accommodation in a castle hotel, not only for lovers of romance, but also for families or work teams.  

The castle was first mentioned in 1223. The owners used to be various noble families, which often switched place here. Among them were the Thurn-Taxis family, who held a monopoly on postal services, which is commemorated in the exhibition by old postal sledges, period stamps and paintings. At the end of World War II, the interiors of the castle were looted by the Soviet army and the local population. Since 2007, it has been open to the public again, with a newly built exhibition, to which many pieces of the original furniture have been returned. 

Where to head next?

A visit to Loučeň will satisfy every tourist, but you will enjoy it most with children. Moreover, the area where the castle is located is perfect for a family holiday. A stone’s throw away from the castle is Mirakulum Park, the largest outdoor amusement park for children. Or the Chleby Zoo, the only zoo in Central Bohemia. Visit the Dobrovice Museums, where you will learn about the history of the Czech sugar, distilling and beet industry. By the way, the museum is part of the largest Czech sugar refinery and distillery. 

Tisové bludiště v labyrintáriu Loučeň



Loučeň 1, Loučeň, okres Nymburk, 289 37




+420 727 900 616

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