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Zámek Mnichovo Hradiště v létě


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Mnichovo Hradiště Château

No other château is as strongly connected with the personality of Albrecht von Wallenstein as Mnichovo Hradiště. Get to know this gem of High Baroque architecture.

On a tour of the exceptionally well-preserved château in Mnichovo Hradiště, you will get a glimpse into the family residence of the Wallenstein family, the château theatre with its original scenery and the library managed by the legendary seducer Casanova.

The extensive Wallenstein mansion near Mladá Boleslav was transformed into its present state at the end of the 17th century and has lost none of its charm. On the contrary! In the chambers and halls of the château you will feel as if the Wallensteins are still at home here. Explore their richly decorated family residence, a theatre with working machinery, the Church of the Three Kings and St. Anne’s Chapel, which houses the tomb of the famous Thirty Years’ War commander Albrecht von Wallenstein. You will also be enchanted by the garden with its Baroque sala terrena – a garden pavilion that served as a room for relaxation and occasional meetings.

  • Interesting fact: One of the visitor tours is dedicated to the meeting of the Holy Alliance that took place at the château. The diplomatic meeting brought Emperor Francis I of Austria, Tsar Nicholas of Russia and Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia together to conclude an anti-democratic pact.

You will also get a glimpse of the extensive library here. It contains 22,000 volumes, which were transferred here from another Wallenstein stronghold – Duchcov Château. It was there that the legendary seducer of women of Italian origin Giacomo Casanova took care of the library.

  • Tip for you: The second floor of the château houses the Museum of Mnichovo Hradiště. Its main attraction is a large plaster model of the Drábské světničky – the remaining stone chambers from an extinct Hussite fortress located just a few kilometres from the town.

The originally Renaissance château passed into the ownership of Albrecht von Wallenstein and his family after the Battle of White Mountain. Baroque reconstruction was mainly motivated by the need to create a representative residence for the family.

Where to head next?

You can combine your visit to the château with a sweet gastronomic experience. The château is located just a ten-minute walk from Masaryk Square. Before you reach it, be lured into the “Holka s buchtou” café. But be warned: it is only open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Or go to Kafé Ořech, where you can enjoy coffee, sweets and lighter meals in an architecturally pleasing modern space.

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