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Sjezdovka Monínec


Sunday 28.05.

22 ° C

Monday 29.05.

20 ° C

Tuesday 30.05.

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Monínec Ski Complex

The Monínec complex lies in the heart of a zone dubbed Czech Siberia and offers its visitors great facilities and activities whole year around.

The Monínec complex lies in the heart of a zone dubbed Czech Siberia and offers its visitors great facilities by way of perfectly groomed ski-slopes, rental of sports equipment, skiing tuition and accommodation in a nearby hotel, or a guesthouse. In the summer months, there is an Activity Park with many sports attractions, while the surrounding area abounds with cycle trails.

Monínec is situated on the Javorová rock outcrop some 70 km south of Prague, on the boundary between the Central Bohemian and South Bohemian Regions. Its combination of local micro-climate, north-facing slope and general altitude makes Monínec akin to a natural glacier. If the natural snow conditions are not ideal, the slopes are made ready with the most up-to-date snow-making equipment. Skiers and snowboarders reach the top on a four-seater chairlift. The facilities are geared toward ensuring visitors enjoy the best possible comfort. This includes a ski school, sports equipment rental and a ski maintenance facility. Popular downhill attractions include snow-tubing and, of course, the classic tobogganing and bobbying. The surrounding area is covered with well-maintained and marked cross-country skiing trails, totalling about 54 km in length.

The area around the complex is also popular in the summer months – with a great number of cycle trails, the natural swimming lake Pilský Rybník and the on-the-premises Bikepark and Activity Park, with water slide, ball track, cable railway, trampolines and many other attractions.

Did you know?

Not only Central Bohemia’s castles make for popular wedding sites – newlyweds can enjoy and unforgettable day at Monínec, too! Providing representative space and refreshments is a matter of course, the bonus for the happy couple being a cable-car ride to the hilltop, making their outlook all the greater and more magnificent.



Moninec 7, 257 91 Sedlec-Prčice




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