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Společenský a svatební sál na zámku Radim


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Radim Château

Discover the countryside estate with an interesting story, where new exhibits are continuously installed. It is open year-round.

The former fortress was transformed into a château and owned by various prominent noble families from Bohemia. Radim Château fell into dilapidation during the Communist era, but it has risen from the ashes thanks to new enthusiastic owners. The careful reconstruction provided by the previous and current private owners managed to restore the château appearance from its completion at the beginning of the 17th century. Today, it is considered a prominent example of a Renaissance countryside residence of the middle noble class and an extraordinary example of unique Saxon Renaissance architecture.

The château is furnished with exceptional Renaissance furniture brought from south Italy, France and other European countries. The château has a beautiful painted deck ceiling that has been preserved. The ceiling was hidden for 280 years thanks to some flood-prevention measures introduced by Empress Maria Theresa. All the emergency exits had to be fitted with a non-flammable surface to prevent fire from spreading. And so the wooden ceiling was covered…

The guided tour of Radim will take you everywhere, even to the basement. It is where you’ll find a unique smoke kitchen, one of three preserved in Bohemia. They also organise popular of Renaissance gastronomy shows there. What guided tours can you expect at the château? The first one goes to the basement, where the domestic servants used to live. You’ll see the smoke kitchen, refrigerator and round-house, as well as the slaughter room where smaller animals were processed, the office of the estate mayor, the white kitchen, armoury, social room and the bedrooms for princesses on the first floor. The tour also includes the gallery in the foyer, used for temporary exhibitions.

The second tour will take you to the representative rooms on the second floor. These include the bedroom, dining hall, Berchtold’s bedroom, the social and wedding rooms and office. There is also a ladies’ bedroom and the gallery of the wedding room, as well as a viewing of the unique painted deck ceiling on the third floor. Another tour is made especially for children, who can see the bedrooms for princesses, the social room and the magician’s room. Children and adults alike can also wear a stylish period costume. Then everyone will feel as if… They are at a château!

Experts and patriots can also view the painting gallery on the third floor, which contains artworks by Czech artists from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. You can visit the château in any season as it is open all year, and special tours and other cultural events are actually organised in winter.

Fun fact

Did you know that up to 80% of the château furnishings come from auctions at French châteaux on the Loire River? And that you can admire a perfectly preserved ceiling that remained hidden for almost 300 years at Radim Château?

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