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Skryjská jezírka


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Skryje Ponds

The Skryje Ponds natural preserve is part of the Křivoklátsko PLA and ranks among the most popular and admired locations in this area. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque landscape as well as its rich flora and fauna.

The Skryje Ponds preserve, located in the valley of the Zbirožský stream that flows into the Berounka River, totals almost 60 hectares. This popular and highly photogenic tourist spot is located near the Skryje village, whose name it bears. It was formed when a crevice in the rock gradually widened into a ravine that was then blocked by boulders to create a natural dam. This resulted in the formation of two small ponds, connected by the above-mentioned Zbirožský stream, of which the Skryje waterfall is a part.

This jewel of nature and its surroundings have even become famous abroad thanks to the renowned French engineer and palaeontologist Joachim Barrande, who lived here between 1799 and 1883. The researcher discovered a number of important palaeontological fossil-bearing sites in the area.

Did you know?

The lakes and surroundings of the village of Skryje are also known beyond our borders. In this place a French renowned engineer and palaeontologist Joachim Barrande (1799–1883) discovered important paleontological fossil site.

Zaparkovat lze v obci Skryje na velkém bezplatném parkovišti nebo i z druhé strany u Podmokelské hájovny.


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