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Letecký pohled na zříceninu hradu Týřov


Thursday 18.07.

23 ° C

Friday 19.07.

23 ° C

Saturday 20.07.

25 ° C

Týřov Castle Ruin

The emperor Charles IV also found it militarily valuable, and it was one of the first castles he bought back upon his return to Bohemia; he then included it in the Maiestas Carolina legal code.

Týřov Castle was founded during the reign of Wenceslaus I and finished in 1249. In its time, it was truly remarkable, consisting of nine towers and four bastions, which was unusual in the Czech lands.

The castle’s builders found their inspiration in France, specifically in French castels, a type of medieval castle with multiple towers situated at the corners of the walls. Týřov was one of the first structures of this type in this country. Its reputation as an impregnable stronghold was even well-known to the Hussite armies. They gave it a wide berth while pillaging the area, and so it was never taken or significantly damaged. Even that did not save it from gradual decline, however – it remained deserted from 1575, and only remnants of its towers, walls and keep survive today.

Did you know?

Do not miss the visit of this picturesque ruins over the Berounka River. A short uphill climb guarantees a romantic view over the hills. Just watch your steps as the castle ruins are not in a good shape anymore.

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