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Villa Volman


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Villa Volman

An extraordinary work by two young architects has become a gem of late functionalism. The Volman Villa, reminiscent of an ocean liner, has faced dark times but recently regained its former glory.

The grand residence of industrialist Josef Volman, designed by two young architects, was built in 1939 on a slope in Čelákovice. Despite being a unique and remarkable building, it quickly fell into oblivion due to the unfortunate timing. However, the Volman Villa has since been restored and recognized, and today it is rightfully compared to its South Moravian “sister,” the Tugendhat Villa.

Josef Volman, a successful industrialist from Čelákovice, saw his factory and profits grow steadily. He planned a family home, resulting in a timeless, impressive villa overlooking his “empire.” He chose relatively unknown architects Jiří Štursa and Karel Janů for the project, one of whom even sold vacuum cleaners on the side. This ambitious duo designed the villa in the style of Le Corbusier, adding their own unique touches with innovative terraces, windbreaks, and undulating walls.

  • Interesting fact: Josef Volman set aside exactly 1 million crowns for the project, no more, no less. This led architects Štursa and Janů to a curious dilemma: they had to restrict the number of glass blocks in the glass-concrete wall at the entrance to keep the total construction costs precisely at one million.

The industrialist didn’t get to enjoy his dream home for long; he passed away just four years after its completion. Only his daughter Ludmila and her husband remained in the villa, with her husband taking over the management of the entire company. After they were forced to leave in 1948, the villa was used by the national enterprise TOS Čelákovice. Later, it housed a kindergarten, which closed down in 1990. From then on, the entire area was abandoned and became a frequent target for vandals.

A turning point came in 1996 when a group of entrepreneurs from Čelákovice purchased the villa in an effort to restore the masterful architectural work to its original state. The reconstruction project was even awarded in the Building of the Year competition in 2016 for its sensitive restoration of the devastated monument. Since 2022, the Volman Villa has been open to the public.

Tip for you:

Experience an unforgettable night in Miss Ludi’s apartment, located on the second floor! The apartment is furnished with reconstructed furniture from the legends of Czech functionalist design. The bathroom, adorned with original marble, features a blue bathtub from the 1930s. Enjoy breakfast on the rooftop terrace, offering stunning views of the surroundings. Additionally, you can opt for a guided tour, available regularly throughout the year.



Villa Volman



Stankovského 1200/46, 250 88 Čelákovice




+420 603 400 602

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