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Great Family Trips to Central Bohemia

17. 7. 2022

How to captivate young children? Where to take them on a trip? It might be hard, but we have fifteen immediate solutions! Central Bohemia trips will delight both children and adults.

Let’s face it, captivating young children is no easy feat. And figuring out where to take them on a trip is almost an unsolvable puzzle. But don’t worry, we have the answer – and fifteen solutions! These are the top Central Bohemian excursions that will delight both children and adults alike. Because we know very well that the whole family has to have fun for a day together to be successful. And at the places we’ve chosen for you, that won’t be the slightest problem!

Family Park Mirakulum in Milovice
Family Park Mirakulum in Milovice
© Park Mirakulum

Mirakulum Park

We know about a place where miracles happen… We swear it, and also have undeniable proof! It is a place where so many amazing children’s attractions lie next to each other that it must have been created by real magic. Strange magic happened in Milovice, and it is called Mirakulum Park. Here, on an area of ten hectares, a water world, a rope centre, a forest town high in the treetops, a fairy tale village, a majestic wooden castle, secret underground passages, an intricate maze, a small zoo, giant swings, trampolines and much more are all adjacent to each other. And what are the Mirakulum miracles all about? About transformation! Your children will become adventurers and explorers, pirates, knights, fairies, princes and princesses, engineers, acrobats, artists, yet most of all, children who have fulfilled their dream – a dream of a trip to a place where everything is made just for them, for games, fun and amazing exploration.

Den otců na zámku Loučeň
Loučeň Castle
© Loučeň Castle

Loučeň Castle

A long, long time ago, the Greek builder and inventor Daedalus designed the labyrinth, an intricately tangled and confusing path that twists and turns in such a way that getting to your destination and out again is a real problem. But it had to be difficult and demanding, for that was Daedalus’ task. Or, more accurately, an order given to him by the mighty King Minos. A terrible and merciless Minotaur, a creature with a human body and a bull’s head, was supposed to be imprisoned in the labyrinth. Do you dare to conquer several labyrinths? There is no need to travel through time or drive far, go to Loučeň Castle, where there are even twelve labyrinths and mazes in the vast park! Stone, light, sandstone, but also special features such as the letter labyrinth or the labyrinth of King Charles IV.

And the fact that children’s hobbies are not disregarded here is proven by the tours of the beautiful interiors. A noble princess or a butler, who knows every corner and secret passageway, will tell you about life in and around the château… And you can even look into one of them with him. Do you still think you would like to experience something more special after all? No problem! You can literally sweeten your tour at the Loučeň Castle. This will be part of a special gourmet chocolate excursion, during which this popular delicacy will not only be talked about, but also tasted. Can you imagine a more delicious afternoon?

Letecký pohled na
Aquapalace Praha in Čestlice
© Aquapalace Praha

Aquapalace Praha

When it’s so unbearably hot or so cold that the ponds and rivers are covered with ice, or when you’re overwhelmed with boredom or just long for relaxation, games and fun – What? Adults don’t feel like having a good time from time to time?! – go to Aquapalace near Prague, the largest water park in Central Europe. They don’t know words like annoyance and boredom there at all.

On the contrary, you will have a lot of fun, taste a bit of adrenaline and enjoy sweet relaxation – when your naughty kids will have fun on one of the twenty-one slides or ride down the longest water slide in the Czech Republic. If you’re feeling up to it, join them as they brave the wild river or sway in the waves. Parents who are teetering from fatigue will appreciate the opportunity to indulge in a well-deserved rest in the saunas or a massage in the SPA and wellness centre. The Aquapalace has so many attractions that you will have to come back here… Often and, we believe, you’ll love it.

Lanový park v areálu Monínec v létě, děti
Lanový park
Autor: Jan Přerovský

Monínec Resort

Go on a journey to Siberia! Don’t worry, we’re not sending you beyond the Arctic Circle, we promise you won’t cross the borders of our region on this trip either. You will go to the south of Prague, to the Monínec area, because we are original in Central Bohemia and the Siberian landscape does not extend in the north. From the name Česká Sibiř, it is clear that there is plenty of snow here and winters are spent racing on perfectly groomed slopes. But you won’t be bored in other seasons either. Part of the complex is the Activity Park, where you can test your fitness on the rope course, enjoy a lot of fun on the ball course, and the laughter will certainly not leave you even when frolicking on the trampolines. If it gets really hot during your visit, you can refresh yourself on the water slide.

Our tip: don’t forget your bikes! They have a sensational bike park, and the surrounding area is criss-crossed with great bike paths.

Rýžoviště zlata v Botanicus Ostrá
Rýžoviště zlata
Autor: Pojizeří a Polabí

Botanicus Gardens and Craft Centre

Fairy tales and folk stories cannot do without wise godmothers. And no wonder, for without the mysterious old women who know every herb and its power, who can cure all ills and change the fate of entire kingdoms, our stories would often be without happy endings! What do you think, in these hectic times, could we not also use a bit of their wisdom, love for nature and respect for the honesty of traditional crafts?

Get to know the knowledge of the magical godmothers and our ancestors, take your children to the Botanicus area, to the local herb and vegetable gardens, orchards and Crafts Centre. There you will learn how baskets were woven and knitted or what the village blacksmiths needed to know. We’ll bet all the coins from the local mint that not only the children but also you, the adults, will be amazed in the Botanicus Centre. And you can already start planning together what the puppet you will make in the centre will look like, or how you and your children will decorate your own sweet gingerbread cookies.

Dětské centrum ve Sportovně rekreačním areálu Vrchbělá, děti na trampolíně
Skákací trampolína
Autor: SCCR

Vrchbělá Area

Up to the heights! And not just any and not quite classically by plane, but… On ropes! Many varied experiences await you in the Vrchbělá rope centre, a perfect place for a family holiday. Whether you feel like relaxing or doing some serious physical activity, whether you are an adult or a child in kindergarten or compulsory school. In addition to the aforementioned rope centre, this recreation centre also offers a playground with wooden models of medieval castles, a small zoo where you can say hello to several “emus” and a nature trail, thanks to which you can learn a lot of interesting things about the landscape in which you spend your free time. It will be a fascinating walk, because Ralsko is not only beautiful, but also has an extraordinary story attached to it. Since 1949, a heavily guarded military district was located here. It is not possible to utter such a sentence often, but in this case, thanks to the armies that used the space, nature has remained preserved, varied and wild to this day.

Zámek Mníšek pod Brdy
Zámek Mníšek pod Brdy
Autor: Jan Valečka

Mníšek pod Brdy Château

Even if your journey should lead you over nine mountains and rivers, don’t be discouraged and conquer them all, because a visit to Mníšek pod Brdy Château will be worth it. While you admire the beautiful First Republic interiors, your children will meet the Queen herself. Queen Elsa, whom your children know very well, has moved to Mníšek from the inhospitable Ice Kingdom. In order not to be sad, she took her fairy tale colleague, Olaf the snowman, with her to Central Bohemia. Together, the children will be guided through the château chambers and visit the Magic Cellar, where Elsa will introduce them to the other members of her fairy tale party – fairies, a waterman, a devil, her friend Princess Rose and the inventive witch of Mníšek, who has replaced her outdated broom with a vacuum cleaner – apparently it is much more comfortable to travel on.

Lanové hřiště ve Farmaparku Soběhrdy, děti, atrakce
Lanové hřiště
Autor: Farmapark Soběhrdy

Farmapark Soběhrdy

Where will you see exotic camels, kangaroos, emus and llamas side by side with the donkeys, sheep and goats we in Central Europe are familiar with? They all live happily together in Farmapark Soběhrdy and are looking forward to your visit. You can pet each of your animal friends here and the children will not even be afraid, because only the nicest and coolest animals are in Soběhrdy.

The farm even hosts lunch and snack rituals, or the opportunity to participate in the feeding of these not-at-all wild animals. All small visitors will surely be delighted by the offer of attractions, which is very rich to say the least – for brave adventurers there is a rope course in Soběhrdy, for playful children there are plenty of climbing frames, slides, trampolines and even a bouncy castle. When your kids want to ride a train, drive a jeep or ride giant floating rings on the water in the summer, each of these wishes will be granted before you can say it.

HistoryPark Ledčice
HistoryPark Ledčice

HistoryPark Area

Dig a mammoth hole! We accept that you may not catch one, but it will still be an experience. This mammoth trap is quite a lot of work, but you will have a lot of fun and a little bit of clay behind the nails has never hurt anyone. And where do mammoth traps form? At HistoryPark, an area where you and your kids can not only learn all about the mysterious stories of prehistoric times, but also about archaeology, which, honestly, is also an extremely interesting matter. Don’t doubt it for a second, because everything in the HistoryPark is both education and play, and everyone becomes a hunter of thrilling ancient stories. All the tired adults will relax here with their eyes fixed on the soothing landscape around Mount Říp, while their little explorers, with the help of lecturers, will carry out intricate archaeological research, shoot bows or carve all kinds of flint gadgets.

Autor: Tepfactor


Who wouldn’t want to get a pirate treasure chest! But to truly appreciate your catch, you have to earn it. At TEPfactor, where they know how important it is to strengthen team spirit and that the adventure is its own reward, you will enjoy an extraordinary experience you will not soon forget. Your family team will test their endurance, ingenuity, courage and patience in the corners of the pirate cave in a series of tricky but fun challenges. And in the summer, make sure you go to Slapy, because here they have hidden treasure number two! On motor boats you will navigate through the deep Slapy waters and, in addition to a treasure chest full of valuables, you will also discover many beautiful natural corners, often forbidden to land worms.

Oslí stezka
Oslí stezka
Oslí trekking

Donkey Trail Farm

Few animals have earned so many unfair names from humans as donkeys. I’m sure you’ve also heard that a donkey is stupid and stubborn and slow. So forget all this nonsense quickly! You will be otherwise convinced at the experiential family donkey farm, where you will discover that donkeys are not only cute but also intelligent and prudent, calm and balanced, have loving and loyal hearts, and are incredibly cuddly and super travel companions. You will discover all this when you go on a journey with them through the nature park, which is just behind the hummocks of the farm.

The guides will teach you so many interesting facts about the donkey members of the expedition that you will get dizzy. And who’s going to carry all your essentials in their bags, from the snacks to camera? Maybe it will be Bobby, the oldest donkey on the farm, or maybe it will be the sociable Josefina or Luis, a gelding who looks like a big dude, but deep down he’s over-sensitive. But one thing we know for sure – you will not only never forget travelling with donkeys, but you will also learn a lot of new things.

Interaktivní expozice ve Včelím světě Hulice
Interaktivní expozice
Autor: Včelí svět Hulice

Experiences on Želivka – Bee World and Water House

Can you imagine a world without Maya the bee and Vilík? You see, you can’t! But it can happen, and not in the distant future. Hard-working bees, which are an essential part of the natural cycle, have become an endangered species. And that’s why it’s so important that we find out more about their lives than we hear in the classroom. Take your children on a trip to the Bee World in Hulice, where they will learn everything about bees in an amusing educational exhibition. You don’t have to worry that they will get bored with long texts or exhibits that they are not allowed to get within one metre of. The Bee World is a completely different kind of museum – here, children walk around the inside of a giant hive, view the anatomy of bees on touch screen monitors and listen to the sounds of bees in their dwellings.

Vodní dům Hulice, děti, rodina
Vnitřní expozice
Autor: Vodní dům Hulice

And while you are in Hulice, visit the Water House, where they will tell you all about this life-giving element. Here, too, the focus is on a playful and interactive form of learning. In the water bar, for example, you will discover that all water tastes completely different, and looking at the aquariums full of fish and plants and listening to the water gurgling will put you in a truly zen state. At that moment, your children will be busy making clouds and examining the particles of the mysterious world beneath the surface under a microscope. And in the end they become the rulers of the rivers – that is, when they try to tame the wayward waterways with pumps, mills and dams.

Languři v Zoo Chleby
Languři v Zoo Chleby
Autor: Jiří Teper

Zoo Chleby

Zoo Chleby is taking care of a real rarity – the most beautiful monkey on the planet! It’s called a langur duk, and all scientists, travellers, explorers, keepers and zoo bosses agree that langurs are without question the top models of the primate kingdom. Would you rather verify their claims? Come and see these ultra cute creatures at Zoo Chleby. And what else awaits you here? This friendly zoo in the Central Bohemian countryside has several contact enclosures where your children can play with, pet and feed the guinea pigs, turtles and goats. Another local rarity is a collection of statues of extinct animals. Don’t expect any scary dinosaurs, but species that we humans have wiped out in the last few hundred years. Seeing this makes each of us realise how important it is to care for our planet and all its inhabitants and treat them with love and respect.

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