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The Lavender Valley


Places in Central Bohemia Taking Sustainability Seriously

7. 7. 2024

Moderate winter, tropics in April, and other unexpected weather fluctuations indicate that our planet is not in the best shape. Businesses in Central Bohemia are also mindful of this, aiming for sustainability and conservation of nature with their approach.

You can enjoy romantic getaways, family stays, corporate events, or even stylish weddings in the blooming and fragrant Lavender Valley. Sustainable experiences are available at Chateau Mcely, the Czech Republic’s first five-star green hotel, as well as at the Botanicus Center of Crafts and Herbal Gardens.

The Lavender Valley
Harvesting Lavender
Source: The Lavender Valley

The Lavender Valley

In Chodouň, Central Bohemia, the Lavender Valley sprawls across former limestone seas, reviving the renown of Czech herbalism and the tradition of Czech spas. The local team prioritizes sustainability, tending their fields with respect for the planet and crafting most of their products by hand with care. Visitors can explore a variety of goods from Czech artisans and even create their own organic cream or bio perfume.

Lavender Valley is an ideal spot for relaxation. Guests seeking overall well-being can indulge in Ayurvedic massages, cosmetic treatments, or herbal consultations. Additionally, there are enticing options like experiential wellness or beauty packages, along with local trails featuring quizzes and puzzles for those in a playful mood.

Lidové tradice, řemesla
Source: Veronika Zelendová

Craft Center and Botanical Garden Botanicus

Botanicus specializes in natural cosmetics production and the cultivation of plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables in their own organic gardens. Located in Ostrá near Nymburk, their farm hosts a Craft Center that not only showcases forgotten trades but also highlights the role of natural materials in everyday items. These activities complement each other seamlessly. The gardens provide raw materials for their products, while the Craft Center offers both educational workshops and enjoyable experiences where visitors can try their hand at various crafts.

For enthusiasts, special programs and Saturday Festivals are available. Moreover, the gardens serve as a charming venue for wedding ceremonies, offering a unique setting in the white garden that provides numerous possibilities for your special day.

Workshop on cosmetics production
Workshop on cosmetics production
Source: Chateau Mcely

Chateau Mcely – Bouquet Mcely

Chateau Mcely offers unforgettable experiences, wellness retreats, magical weddings, romantic moments, and facilities for corporate events. Sustainability is at the heart of this place’s ethos. During the restoration, a visionary approach was adopted. Local artisans using natural materials contributed to its furnishings. Heating and hot water come from an ecological wood chip boiler, green electricity powers the lighting, and solar panels heat the water in the natural swimming lake.

The main focus of the local restaurant, Piano Nobile, is on using locally sourced ingredients. Herbs, edible flowers, berries, and vegetables are grown in the chateau gardens, supplemented by produce from nearby suppliers. At Chateau Mcely, guests can plant a commemorative tree in the park or symbolically adopt an endangered species. The chateau also offers MCELY BOUQUET, a line of local cosmetics. These products are handmade in small batches in the laboratory, using only the freshest and purest, chemically untreated ingredients. You can even try your hand at making cosmetics yourself.

Myšlín Gardens
Levander Field
Source: Veronika Štičková

Myšlín Gardens

Located in the Posázaví region just a short distance from Prague, Myšlín Gardens offer a profound connection with nature at a family relaxation farm. This place is distinguished by its strong emphasis on sustainability and deep respect for the environment. More than just an eco-farm with a bistro, Myšlín Gardens are an inspiring space full of opportunities to explore the gifts of nature.

Founded on the grounds of a former farm the owners have been restoring orchards, field paths, avenues, and ponds since 2018. While deeply rooted in agriculture, Myšlín Gardens extend beyond mere vegetable and flower cultivation. Tradition and innovation converge here to promote human health and environmental stewardship.

You can savor delicious meals made from local ingredients and enjoy refreshing herbal lemonades crafted onsite. The bistro caters to a diverse range of tastes, including vegetarian options, making it a welcoming stop for cyclists, hikers, and motorists alike. Herbs are not only used for culinary purposes but also in the production of their own regional products, created with care and without chemical additives.

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