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Karneval Roztoky


TOP 10 Central Bohemian events

1. 7. 2022

Don’t sit at home, we have a much better programme for you! A dozen great unforgettable events to experience.

Our varied mix of events is bound to include one or two that would suit you down to the ground, but take our advice: try them all out, because there’s wonderful fun to be had at every turn, for sure.

Carnival in Roztoky

Masopust Roztoky

The idea is to keep ancestral traditions going, express yourself creatively, have fun with friends as well as people you have only just met but have something in common with – enjoying the carnival spirit. This is exactly the kind of experience that a small group of Roztoky locals were missing, so about twenty years ago a modest local initiative was born, which has grown into an acclaimed and widely recognized event that brings people together from far and wide. They all meet at Roztoky castle and then, clad in elaborate original masks, head off from Roztoky over ‘Bare Hill’ to Únětice, for a day full of folk tradition, topped off with rapturous fun in a huge circus tent.

The event typically takes place in February.

Dark SNOW Monínec

An important announcement for all lovers of snow and winter sports – don’t miss the racing at the Monínec ski arena! What is the main attraction? This public downhill skiing takes place at night, by the cool twinkling of the stars, the warm flicker of torchlight, and accompanied by amazing lighting effects! The ski slope in the arena makes its own considerable contribution to the quality of the event – it is one of the longest illuminated slopes in Bohemia, suitable for both experienced skiers and beginners alike. Of course, the organizers don’t overlook the skiers’ entourage, and make sure no one gets the least bit bored. The event comes complete with a spectacular party, with excellent drinks and great music.

The event typically takes place in February.

Royal Procession of Charles IV

Královský průvod Karlštejn

One of Europe’s most important historical rulers, Emperor Charles IV will once again be touring Central Bohemian towns and villages, and we’re quite sure you won’t want to miss such a notable and remarkable event. On the first day, the monarch’s extensive procession will leave Radotín and head to Dobřichovice, then on the second day to Karlštejn castle, where he will be joined by the envoy of Duke Stephen II of Bavaria, i.e. the second procession contingent. Completing their two-day pilgrimage, they will retreat behind the castle’s magnificent walls and entrust the precious crown jewels to the magnificent Chapel of the Holy Cross. In all the towns and villages the processions pass through, the noble company is offered a ceremonial welcome.

The event typically takes place at the beginning of June.

The Antonín Dvořák Music Festival

It is almost incredible how many brilliant composers a country as small as the Czech Republic has produced. One of the most famous is Antonín Dvořák, hence the festival in Příbram dedicated to his work; a well-established cultural event, well-known even beyond our borders. This Central Bohemian city welcomes top domestic and foreign orchestras and stars of the musical sky, every year; ever since 1969! In addition to works by the Maestro, there are also works by other composers, both from the past and the present. The concerts are situated in unconventional and very attractive places, such as the Neo-Renaissance château in Vysoká, the basilica on Svatá Hora or Dobříš château. And why does the festival take place in this region? Because Antonín Dvořák loved Příbram, deeply and sincerely, and found it a source of rich and inexhaustible inspiration.

The event typically takes place in the Spring.

Royal Silvering of Kutná Hora

Královské stříbření Kutná Hora

Seeing a monarch accompanied by valiant knights, handsome squires and noble courtly ladies walking through the winding narrow streets of Kutná Hora is an amazing experience! This is the spectacle you’ll be met with if you visit Kutná Hora on the occasion of the Royal Silvering, a historic festival that symbolically opens the tourist season. The whole town celebrates the arrival of King Wenceslas IV and his wife, Sophia of Bavaria. In their honour, there are parades, tournaments and competitions, theatre, dance and music performances, as well as a dignified Mass held at St Barbara’s Cathedral. For two days, all the ‘courtiers’ make merry, and you can join in. Put on your own period costume and become part of a festival unlike any other, in a city whose wealth and fame underpinned the power of Czech kings in the Middle Ages.

The event typically takes place in June. 

Rally Bohemia

Rally Bohemia, which the organizers describe as ‘the prime sporting event of the Mladá Boleslav and Liberec districts’, boasts a long and famous tradition, enjoying great popular acclaim. The races, ever since 1974, certainly excite all car enthusiasts and reaffirm Mladá Boleslav as an automotive industry centre. Each year, the programme includes the following categories: Czech Rally Championship, Czech Historic Rally Championship, as well as the showpiece Rally Legend and more recently the Eco Rally – an unofficial world electric- or alternative-drive automobile championship.

The event typically takes place in July. 

Let It Roll

Hudební festival

As the world’s largest drum & bass festival, Let It Roll attracts tens of thousands of fans from all over the world, who spend several days under the thrilling barrage of electronic music in an unfettered summer party atmosphere. The festival is attended by leading lights in the field, from home and abroad, together with many as yet lesser known but very talented and promising musicians. But the international renown was not built in a day. The first very modest gathering was held in 2002 at the Prague club Mlejn, until the event grew and moved to larger premises; in 2008 it launched for the first time as an official Open Air Festival and since 2015 all events have taken place at the Milovice military airfield near Prague. The event is also famed for its focus on high quality, outstanding visuals, the best example of which is the opening ceremony, linking the musical backdrop to a light and sound show.

The event typically takes place between August and September. 


The international SOUNDTRACK festival attracts audiences with its very gripping blend of film music and multimedia. Every year, the programme is enlivened by international guests, often the most respected greats of the film music industry. The ambitious event was founded in 2016 by Michal Dvořák, a producer, composer and member of the band Lucie. Its first season took the form of an audio-visual show, while the following year brought the format we know today – i.e. four days filled with a diverse and rich audio-visual programme. In 2018, the event expanded substantially, the main concert hall filled with an audience of some 2,500. The annual festival includes prize-giving, for exceptional contributions to Czech and World film music.

The event typically takes place between August and September. 

Royal Advent at Křivoklát

Adventní trhy Křivoklát, dílnička

Křivoklát is one of the most popular picturesque Czech castles – no wonder, when you see how beautiful it is in all seasons, winter, summer, spring and autumn, whether wearing a white coat of snowflakes or the gold and copper robe woven from autumn leaves. That is why visitors head for this landmark of the Protected Landscape Area that bears its name, whatever the weather; even December frosts will not deter them. On the contrary, this popular royal seat has its own attractions during Advent, when the mood here is indeed festive. In the courtyard you will meet the King himself – the ruler Přemysl Otakar II always comes to greet his loyal subjects. If the cold does get to you, come and warm up at a fire dance show, or get your feet moving to some trad band music. Naturally, there are folk crafts, jugglers and Christmas markets too.

The event usually takes place in December on the second and third Advent weekends.

Mělník Vintage

Autumn without wine would be like Christmas without treats. But Central Bohemia won’t let your mouth go dry, don’t worry. Wine harvest celebrations take place all over the Region, but there is one you really must not miss, at Mělník. This town, which has been closely linked to viticulture since the 10th century does indeed put on a magnificent harvest festival. The Mělník Vintage ranks among the longest established and largest events of this type countrywide, and is a well-recognized cultural event. For three days, the town centre fills with market stalls stacked with the best the country has to offer, the streets are vibrant with artists and jesters, and to top it all there’s the showcase procession of historical and allegorical floats. Music lovers are not forgotten – three stages host a gamut of all imaginable musical genres.

The event typically takes place in September.


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