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Hrabal’s Hut

Tourist Season 2024 Unveils Exciting News in Central Bohemia!

22. 1. 2024

Central Bohemia is well-known for its intriguing tourist spots, conveniently reachable from Prague. In addition to its rich history, natural marvels, and vibrant traditions, you can annually discover new tips for trips. Allow us to introduce a summary of the latest offerings for this year's tourist season.

Accept our invitation to explore recently established or enhanced exhibits, historical landmarks, revamped campsites, and partake in celebrations of Czech culture. Your ticket to an enriching adventure awaits in the heart of Central Bohemia.

Music Festival Dovořák’s Nelahozeves
Music Festival Dovořák’s Nelahozeves

Birthouse of Antonín Dvořák in Nelahozeves

The original baroque birthplace of the renowned Czech composer Antonín Dvořák, situated near Nelahozeves Château, stands as a vital destination for global music enthusiasts. Managed by the non-profit organization Lobkowicz Collections, the site will transform into a music-centric cultural center by the end of April.

The museum will immerse visitors in Dvořák’s childhood environment and musical themes, employing interactive elements, audio-visual technology, and creatively curated exhibits with historical artifacts. Furthermore, the space will serve as an educational center, aiming to inspire and cultivate young musical talents.


Regionalmuseum in Jílové u Prahy
Regional Museum in Jílové u Prahy
Source: Central Bohemia Tourist Board

New Gold at Regional Museum

At the end of June, the Regional Museum in Jílové u Prahy will open an exciting Gold exhibition. The renovated space offers visitors a unique perspective on gold, both locally and globally. The modern installation promises an interactive experience, starting with the character of Edward Kelley. Explore his alchemical workshop through augmented reality, witnessing animated figures and mysterious experiments.

Walk through a “gallery” showcasing gold samples from Jílové and global locations. The exhibition features period mining machines and the highlight, “Gold for the Crown,” dedicated to the local gold’s connection with coronation jewels. 

The Czech Karst House of Nature

The Czech Karst Protected Landscape Area celebrated its fiftieth anniversary two years ago. This year, a long-awaited visitor center is set to open. Expected by the end of March, the Czech Karst House of Nature will be the gateway to the Koněprusy Caves.

Explore the nature and significance of the Czech Karst which is dedicated to preserving the most precious part of the Barrandian Basin. The House of Nature also offers entertaining features, including experiments and an artificial cave crawl for enthusiasts.

Borek Bell Tower Reopening

Last year saw the reconstruction of the dilapidated Baroque bell tower in Suchomasty, situated on a hill near the Church of St. Nicholas. Dating back to the second half of the 18th century, it replaced the original wooden structure from 1517. Starting this Easter, you can explore one of the Czech Republic’s oldest surviving bell towers, showcasing a 500-year-old bell crafted by Master Bartholomew in New Town of Prague. Returning after 30 years, this bellfry offers a captivating view and the site radiates a strong positive energy. Additionally, plans for the year include revitalizing the land surrounding the bell tower.

Černokostelecký Brewery
Kostelec nad Černými lesy Brewery
Source: Dagmar Malinová

New Exhibit at Brewery Museum

Kostelec nad Černými lesy’s National Brewery Museum, housed in historic brewery spaces with 1930s technologies, unveils a fresh exhibition this May. Part of the Černokostelecký Brewery complex, the museum offers a tour including a showcase on the Jewish community’s business endeavors in Kolín, Kostelec nad Černými lesy, Český Brod, and Kouřim. Explore this space, known for its delightful offerings like good food and brews such as Dešťoffka, Vycpaná vydra, and Černá svině.

Renovated Sankturin House in Kutná Hora

On February 3rd, Kutná Hora unveils the revamped Sankturin House in the city center, hosting the information center and Felix Jenewein Gallery. Originally a Gothic tower for silver ore processing, the building’s unique features include a historical tower with foundations reaching 7.5 meters deep. Acquired by royal goldsmith in the late 15th century, it was later transformed into a luxurious palace. Destroyed in a city center fire in 1770, the house acquired its present form during subsequent reconstruction.

Orlík Reservoir
Trhovky Campsite and Orlík Reservoir
Source: Good Agency

Trhovky Campground Welcomes New Pitches

Trhovky, Milešov’s largest campground on the scenic Orlík Reservoir, is set for the upcoming season with 36 new camping spots. Tailored for caravans and motorhomes, each spot is equipped with water, waste, and electricity connections. The beloved site offers a 200-meter-long beach, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and squash. Convenient amenities, including a grocery store and three restaurants, enhance the camping experience. Explore nearby attractions like the pilgrimage site Svatá Hora in Příbram and the historic Orlík Castle.

Glamping in Lavender Valley

This June, a new eco-glamping and caravan/tent campground, “Under the Three Holy Mountains,” opens in the Lavender Valley. Set amidst the healing mineral-rich Barrandien Geopark and beneath the holy mountains Plešivec, Svatý Jan pod Skalou, and Kotýz, the site offers ten spa-focused glamping tiny houses. Spa treatments with local organic herbs, minerals, and on-site healing water are highlights. Beyond herbal gardens, you can enjoy holistic procedures and packages. The surrounding area invites exploration with walking and cycling trips to Central Bohemian castles and other tourist spots.

Hrabal’s Hut
Hrabal’s Hut
Source: Jiří Teper

Hrabal’s Cottage in Kersko

Once the residence of writer Bohumil Hrabal from 1965 to 1996, the cottage in Kersko was acquired by the Central Bohemian Region in late 2021. Managed by the Polabí Museum, it will open an exhibition this year, reflecting on Hrabal’s life, work, and his connection to Kersko.

The restoration aimed to recreate the cottage and garden as they were during Hrabal’s stay. The opening is planned for late March, coinciding with the 110th anniversary of the writer’s birth. A public collection is underway to gather missing items for the exhibition, and the list is available on the websites of the Central Bohemian Region and the Polabí Museum.

Smetana200 – Celebrating the Composer’s Bicentennial

This year, the Czech Republic marks the 200th anniversary of composer Bedřich Smetana with various events. The Smetana200 project aims to showcase his life and work, celebrating Czech culture and music. Celebrations and tributes are also planned in Central Bohemia, including events in Jabkenice, Chateau Mcely, and Loučeň Castle, where Smetana performed. Stay tuned for more updates on www.visitcentralbohemia.com!

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