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Treasury of ideas: Where to take the kids when it rains?

17. 8. 2022

Even when it's raining outside, there is no boredom in Central Bohemia. We've got lots of tips on where to take the kids when it's raining and where to have lots of fun.

Because you can never have enough inspiration, we’ve picked out two dozen tips on where to go. You might find that you actually enjoy the rainy weather. Ready to go? Let yourself be lured to journeys full of fun, knowledge, traditions and unusual experiences.

virtuální realita v Kvantariu Benešov
Virtual Reality in Kvantario
© Kvantario

Amusement parks: do you know them all?

Have you ever been to Majaland? The fairy tale world of Maya the Bee and the largest indoor amusement park in the Czech Republic! Among the themed attractions in Tuchoměřice near Prague you will also discover an impressive 220-metre-long roller coaster, on which you will rush through the territory of Viking Vik at breakneck speed.

You will definitely not be bored in Kvantarium in Benešov. The largest and most modern sci-fi and virtual reality experience in the country provides a unique opportunity to visit a global exhibition of modern technology in countless entertainment sectors. Are you prepared for a journey to space or under the sea, on a safari tour, to the streets of world cities or on a flight in a hot-air balloon above wilderness?

Visit the legendary retro arcade gaming house ArcadeHry in Červený Újezd. You’ll get to try games from different decades of slot machine development.

Who wouldn’t want to get a pirate treasure chest?! But to truly appreciate the catch, you have to earn it. At TEPfactor in Chotilsko near the Slapská přehrada dam, they know very well how important it is to strengthen team spirit. Your family team will test their endurance, ingenuity, courage and patience in the corners of the pirate cave in a series of tricky but fun challenges.

Dětská prohlídka na zámku Loučeň,
Loučeň Castle
Source: Veronika Zelendová

Castles and châteaux especially for children

Do you like adventure? Follow the Comtesse, who will lead you and your children to the cellars of the castle in Mníšek pod Brdy. There are fairies hiding there, helping Fabian, the ruler of the Brdy hills, the devil and the waterman. During the fairy tale tours, children will also meet the dragon, Snow White and the dwarfs, Rose and Cinderella. The tour will take you to the locations where The Secret of the Old Bambitka was filmed.

You will never get tired of castles and châteaus. You can visit Radim Château all year round and choose from three tours, including one special tour for children. You will have a look into the princesses’ bedroom and the bedroom for the sorcerer. Children will also feel like aristocrats, as the Radim rent period costumes before the tour.

Special children’s tours at Loučeň Castle are an experience in which young visitors can sing in the music room, sit at the prince’s table, search for the lost cat from the prince’s bedroom, find the door to the secret château corridor, and when the princess, prince or White Lady have a good day, they take the children to the château attic.

Zruč nad Sázavou Chateau
Zruč nad Sázavou Chateau
©Vít Švajcr

At first glance, it might seem that Červený Újezd Castle has stood in its place for centuries. Don’t be fooled. It is only 20 years old. It was literally built from the ground up in 2001-2002 to bring the lifestyle of our ancestors closer to today’s generation. After a tour of the extensive museum of the Czech countryside, you will certainly enjoy a refreshment in a period pub.

In Zruč nad Sázavou you can hide from the rain for the whole weekend. The local château is full of entertainment. Head to the local Aquatic Museum or the World of Bricks and Dolls in the castle attic: you will find yourself in a land of childhood, games and joy. We also recommend taking shelter from the rain in Kolowrat Tower, where children can try walking through the wall. You can see that learning is not boring with your children on a tour called The Story of the Sázava River.

Kladenský zámek
Chateau Kladno and The Little Mole exhibition
Source: Chateau Kladno

Animals from a Different Perspective

The next tip leads again to Tuchoměřice, this time to the mysterious world of dinosaurs. Get to know them all! You will admire original dinosaur skeletons up to 154 million years old, life-size models and a unique collection of minerals. Dinosauria also offers a high-end virtual reality experience in the form of Dinosaur VR.

Once again we will also visit Maya. Can you imagine a world without Maya and Vilík? Do you want to learn more about bees, which are an essential part of the life cycle? Visit the Bee World in Hulice, where you will walk through the interior of a giant hive, see the anatomy of bees on touch screen monitors and see for yourself what it sounds like in the hive. There is another great place in Hulice, you can read more about it below.

Discover the magical world of the author of the famous Mole, Zdeněk Miler. In Kladno, where the artist was born, you can see a unique exhibition for children and adults at the château. Immerse yourself in the Mole’s world in a nicely designed playroom and meet his friends in fairy tales. You will learn why the author decided to create the Mole and how the Mole came into being. You will find out that, according to legend, a mole found the coal in the Kladno region, and at the exhibition you will also have a look into the simulated Mine Tunnel.

Škoda Muzeum
Škoda Museum
Source: Škoda Muzeum

World of cars, planes and military technology

Do you admire cars and want to be in paradise? Visit the ŠKODA AUTO Museum in Mladá Boleslav. It is a modern showcase of a famous and traditional Czech brand. Look forward to a varied, engaging, interactive and multimedia walk through the history of the company and the world of cars. Facilities for children are a matter of course.

In addition to the Mladá Boleslav airport, visit the Metoděj Vlach Museum – Aviation Museum in Mladá Boleslav, where you will see dozens of aircraft exhibits and learn how they used to fly. Did you know that Metoděj Vlach was the first Czech to build an aircraft of his own design, powered by an automobile engine, and to fly it himself? Not only for children there is a giant slide from a transport plane and simulators for pilots.

Skodas are running everywhere, and somewhere they were running pretty fast. Visit Mrač u Benešova, where the largest comprehensive collection of original race and race ring specials is on display. Skoda World welcomes visitors big and small. And as an added bonus, you’ll get to try out a driving school from the last century.

And now a little combat technique. The exposition of the Military Technical Museum Lešany consists of over 700 tanks, cannons, motorcycles, armoured trucks and passenger military vehicles, rocket technology and much more. In addition, some exhibits are in motion. You won’t know where to look first! The collections are presented to visitors of all ages in 10 halls, under six shelters and in the open air.

Czech Museum of Silver
Czech Museum of Silver
Source: Czech Museum of Silver

Museums are no longer boring

Have you ever seen over 3,000 Lego models together? And not just any… Among them you will find a model of the Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad Square in Poděbrady – if you visit the LEGO Museum in Poděbrady. Another LEGO Museum, with a model of the famous Sedlec ossuary and the Church of St. Barbora, awaits you in Kutná Hora. Both also have a special children’s corner.

In Kutná Hora, you can also explore Dačický House from the cellar to the attic. Thanks to touch screens, motion sensors and various game elements, children will learn about the value of UNESCO monuments and why we protect them.

The mines also promise shelter from the rain. Enter the Mining Museum Příbram into your trip finder, where you will be taken to the local mines by a mine train and elevator. There is also a mining slide for children. It will be an experience!

Benátky nad Jizerou Chateau
Benátky nad Jizerou Chateau
Source: CzechTourism, Ladislav Renner

You and your children will enjoy your stay in Benátky nad Jizerou. There are two museums in the local château. In the first, you will see a collection of toys from 1860-1945 from Europe, the United States and Japan. The second one is called the Museum of Benecko and children can see costumes of princesses, knights and Celts. Thanks to the interactive exhibition, children will try saddling a horse, minting a Celtic coin and a number of other interesting tasks.

Children can also borrow disguises at the Podbrdské Museum, which includes the Barn Full of Crafts: an interactive exhibition documenting typical local crafts. Part of the How life was lived in Podbrdsko exposition is also a play corner with large wooden blocks, colouring books with animals and dolls. By the way – would you be tempted to try the local pillory?

Galerie Středočeského kraje - GASK
GASK – Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region

Still not enough?

How does the magician do it? He probably won’t tell you, but it will certainly excite you and draw you into its mysterious world. Take a trip to Pavel Kožíšek’s Magic Theatre in Líbeznice, whose pilot performance is a magic show for the whole family called Magical Aces.

Take your children to the environment of modern art at the Central Bohemian Region Gallery GASK in Kutná Hora. Children will not only be thrilled by the visual workshops in the gallery, but also by the colourful cubes, counters and climbing wall.

And we’re back at the water. Or rather in the water – so hurray for swimsuits! We found ourselves in the largest waterpark in the Czech Republic, Aquapalace Praha in Čestlice, where you can frolic for hours in any weather. Look forward to adventure, relaxation, adrenaline and lots of fun.

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