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Centrum řemesel v Botanicus Ostrá


Monday 22.04.

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Botanicus Centre of Crafts and Herb Garden

Visit the Botanicus Centre of Crafts and Herb Garden in Ostrá. Try some crafts and have fun watching jugglers, theatre and music performances. You’ll use groschen to pay.

The Centre of Crafts is not a historical replica of a village from some time in the past, but rather a place that creates the right atmosphere for the individual crafts. You’ll find a tinker’s workshop, as well as a basket weaver, blacksmith and archer. It’s a place where soap, ropes, candles and paper are made. You can try your hand at all the crafts and learn a lot of interesting information and facts about their history.

The Centre also has a herb garden that was established in 1999. About 30 hectares of soil are managed ecologically. The production and decorative areas are all interconnected. As are the peace and scent when the gardens are in bloom! Relaxation for both body and mind is guaranteed.

The entire area uses the special groschen currency for payment. You can exchange your money at the cash desk. In addition to the classic natural cosmetic selection, the local shop also offers seasonal fruit and vegetables. You can eat in the banquet hall, where the food is mostly made using ingredients grown in the local organic gardens.

Fun fact

What will you try? Book printing, wood carving, gold panning, candle making, minting, basket weaving, archery, manual paper manufacture, flax rope or soap making, tinkering, leather working, decorating gingerbread cookies, pottery or puppet manufacture.

Lukostřelnice v Botanicus Ostrá



Ostrá 8, 289 22 Lysá nad Labem




+ 420 325 551 235

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