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Unique Ambience of the Royal Region

Dive into Central Bohemia! Best places to get a cup of coffee and to explore cultural and natural beauties.

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Central Bohemia - Royal Region

Central Bohemia - Royal Region

Follow the footsteps of our kings and queens. Their prints are all over Central Bohemia.

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TOP 10 places in Central Bohemia

TOP 10 places in Central Bohemia

Follow in the footsteps of rulers, nobles and artists, get to know the places where Czech and European history was made, as well as locations that inspired ground-breaking works of art.

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Central Bohemia Gems

Glasstar Nenačovice Glassworks

Central Bohemian glassworks: a fragile tradition

The year of 2022 is the International Year of Glass: the elegant transparent mass we cannot imagine our lives without. The strong tradition of Czech glass-making goes back deep into the past. It has not lost any of its prestige over the centuries – and if perhaps it has, glassmaking is experiencing a Renaissance. Let yourselves be inspired and take a look at the Central Bohemian glassworks. We guarantee a unique experience.

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