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Brdy Protected Landscape Area

Our newest protected landscape area, established in 2015, is revered as the promised land by Czech hikers. It is a true paradise for anyone seeking silence and tranquillity in the heart of nature.

The development of this area took a very specific trajectory as a large part of it was used as a military training ground for many years, ensuring that the local wilderness was preserved and remains pristine and diverse even today.

The Brdy highlands are a unique location in Bohemia that has developed in unusual historical circumstances. A wilderness area, its forests are interspersed with moors, peat bogs and wetlands, and there are valuable palaeontological sites to be found within its sparsely populated area. Paradoxically, the landscape remains exceptionally well-preserved and unspoiled due to human activity, specifically by the military, which had used a part of Brdy as a training ground since 1927. Brdy only stopped being used for this purpose in 2016. Today the area is interwoven by countless trails and paths for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Did you know?

Not only Krkonoše, but also Brdy have their good spirit. His name is Fabián and according to the local legends he lives on a rock called Fabián's bed (Fabiánovo lože) on the Velká Baba hill. Here is his enchanted castle, which was supposedly cursed by Fabian's rejected mistress – a heartbroken witch when she found out that Fabián has a new wife. Ever since then, Fabián has been a forest spirit, the lord of the Brdy forests.