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Kokořínské pokličky, Mšeno, léto


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Kokořínské pokličky

Kokořínsko is full of beautiful forests where you can find unique and inspirational sandstone rocks and rock formations. How were the dreamy rock formations of Kokořínské pokličky created?

The rock formation called Kokořínské pokličky is ideal for letting your imagination run wild. Nature did a really good job here. The local sandstone rocks resemble lids or mushrooms with a flat top. Why is that?

The mushroom tops or lids are formed by a more resistant limestone, lined with iron, while the bottom part is made of softer limestone formed by clay cement that washes away. The water and wind caused the bottom part to erode faster.

Where can we find Pokličky? In the area of the Kokořínsko valley, halfway between Kokořín Castle and the place known as Paradise. The closest settlement, called Hlučov, is full of small cottages, perfect examples of local folk architecture. From the Pokličky signpost, climb the wooden stairs for the most beautiful view of the rock formations.

Did you know?

Pokličky are definitely not small. The largest one is currently 12-metres high, and the lid itself is about six-metres wide.