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To the Giant Rocking Stone and Flooded Quarries

Giant rocking stone, abandoned flooded quarries, dense forests, and ponds. That's what the westernmost corner of Central Bohemia looks like.

Embark on a circular journey through a enchanting landscape adorned with rocks, boulders, picturesque forests, and serene ponds. This mystical setting, seemingly tailored for the Snowhite and the seven dwarves, carries legends of their ancient coexistence with humans. The path is family-friendly as the village of U Houbiček in Jesenice adds a touch of allure for young explorers.

Start your journey at Jesenice near Rakovník. The Local History Museum provides an interactive exhibition revealing the treasures of medieval castles and fortresses. Explore the ancient pharmacy, a bourgeois room, and a farmer’s cottage. The courtyard offers herb drying, along with delights for children such as animals and displayed agricultural machinery.

The Jesenicko educational trail takes you around Velký Rybník with its lovely sandy beach to the local marvel – the Jesenický viklan, a rounded boulder that hasn’t moved for over 70 years. Along the way, make a stop in the charming Smurf village of U Houbiček. Kids can have a blast on a playground, while you savor a meal at the restaurant.

  • Interesting fact: The granite from Jesenice graces significant monuments in Prague, including Legií Bridge near the National Theatre. It enhances fountains at Prague Castle and contributes to the underpasses at Wenceslas Square. This granite can also be found in Vienna, decorating the interiors of the University of Vienna and serving as a fourteen-meter-high pedestal for the Maria Theresa Monument.

The calm forest trail has big rocks scattered around, leftovers from old quarries. One of the quarries, called Horní, is now a pretty pond. You can also take a short side trip to Boží kámen at Prostřední lom.

  • Tip for you: Head to the Kokeš Brewery in Drahouš for a delightful experience. This modern microbrewery, tucked away in a picturesque building, offers beer tastings with insights from the brewer and owner. If you’re hungry, consider stopping by Hotel Jesenice or La Mija restaurant, which also features a café with tempting desserts.

On the return journey, you’ll pass by several ponds, encounter many boulders, and enjoy a leisurely stroll through a beautiful oak alley along the dam at the beginning of Jesenice.

Trip start:

Jesenice near Rakovník

Trip length:

16,5 km

Trip duration:

5 hours

Trip end

Jesenice near Rakovník

Altitude profile:

+88 m

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