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Schloss Nelahozeves


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Antonín Dvořák’s Homeland: Roundtrip to Veltrusy

Vltava River roundtrip: Tracing Antonín Dvořák's musical inspirations, plus a double delight of beautiful castles.

Enjoy a gentle route without elevation changes, providing a variety of experiences. Explore the inspiring locales that influenced Nelahozeves native Antonín Dvořák. Visit two castles, encounter romantic structures, meander through beautiful nature, and discover several technical landmarks. Should you wish to shorten the journey from one bank to the other, a crossing can be easily arranged at Marina Vltava under Nelahozeves Château.

Begin your journey in Dvořák’s footsteps at Nelahozeves, right by the train station. In its unused building hides a tourist information center with a café. A short stroll leads to the Church of St. Andrew, where a young Antonín Dvořák performed his first concert. Nearby, you’ll find the birthplace of the famous composer. In sight is the Renaissance Nelahozeves Château, housing historical and artistic collections of the Lobkowicz family. The castle courtyard hosts various events throughout the year.

Continuing along the red-marked trail, Dvořák’s route leads you upstream to Kralupy nad Vltavou. Before crossing the footbridge, take a moment to admire the Miřejovice Wheel, a technical gem that was once part of Francis’s turbine in the nearby Miřejovice hydroelectric power plant. Notice its arrow-shaped gears, a design reminiscent of the logo used by a famous French automaker.

  • Interesting fact: Antonín Dvořák was a passionate train enthusiast. He is often quoted saying, “I would trade all my symphonies if I could invent the locomotive.” He loved visiting train stations, personally acquainted with all the engineers, engaging in lengthy discussions about technical innovations. He also maintained precise records of all express trains from Prague to Vienna and thoroughly studied their timetables.

In Kralupy nad Vltavou, just beyond the footbridge over the Vltava river, you’ll join the blue trail, leading you to Veltrusy Château. Did you know that the château has a place in the history of international trade? In the 18th century, it hosted the Great Fair of the Goods of the Kingdom of Bohemia, marking the world’s first trade fair with the use of catalogs. Invited by Count Chotek, even Empress Maria Theresa participated in this significant event.

Veltrusy Château is encircled by an expansive park, adorned with mature avenues, romantic pavilions, statues, bridges, and even a deer enclosure. The most efficient way to traverse the entire park is by bicycle, conveniently available for rent at Veltrusy Château, where guides can also accompany you on a special cycling tour. For a more romantic experience, a horse-drawn carriage departs from Veltrusy Château on selected days.

  • Tip for you: If hunger strikes on your journey, right at the beginning of Veltrusy, you’ll discover the beloved bistro Vedlepily with a spacious playground for children. For those who prefer classic Czech cuisine, U Libuše restaurant at the end of the route, just before crossing the Miřejovice lock, is a delightful choice. And if you have a sweet tooth, make sure to pause at U Draka confectionery in Kralupy nad Vltavou. Their legendary strawberry větrník, a delicious little choux pastry, is not to be missed.

After soaking in the château’s history, the conclusion of your journey brings you to a more modern technical marvel. You’ll cross back over the Vltava River into Nelahozeves via the Miřejovice lock, which features a hydroelectric power plant from the early 20th century.

Trip start:

Nelahoteves Train Station

Trip length:

12,6 km

Trip duration:

3,5 hours

Trip end

Nelahozeves Château

Altitude profile:

+18 m

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Elevation profile of the route

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