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Mníšek pod Brdy Chateau


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Mníšek pod Brdy Château

In the chambers of the château in Mníšek you will feel as if the local nobility has just popped out and will soon reappear.

The charming Mníšek pod Brdy Château is located at the foot of the Brdy mountains. The four-cornered building is crowned with only three towers – the devil himself probably did not manage to complete the fourth one. Take a guided tour and find out more about the devil’s presence in the old days.

The château stands on the square plan of the original castle, but it has only three towers in the corners. Legend has it that the knight Servác swore his soul to the devil if the château was built before the rooster crowed three times. He realised what he had done the next morning when he saw the building progressing rapidly. So he made the rooster hurry up with crowing, and the devil was not able to finish the fourth tower.

The more likely version is that the builder of the château wanted to honour the Holy Trinity with three towers. However, you can still meet the devil in Mníšek pod Brdy among the fairy tale creatures in the château’s magical dungeon. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale during the frequently organised special children’s, fairy tale and costumed tours.

  • Tip for you: Guided tours also take you into the roofs and towers. Look forward to amazing views!

Mníšek pod Brdy will take you back to the period of the First Republic. The first tour will introduce you to the representative salons that the nobility liked to show off. You will visit the salons, the dining room and the chapel. The next tour will take you to the private rooms of the aristocracy that will make you feel as if Countess Kastová will be back to see you soon. Here you will learn how the nobility really lived. The private rooms are furnished with lots of small objects. You’ll see a gramophone, daily necessities, nylons, swaddling clothes, teaching aids and even a potty. Are you looking forward to opening the door and entering the life of the nobility of the time?

Accept the invitation to the château park and enjoy the peace filled with the scent of lavender, the colourful shades of flowers and the soothing splashing of water in the fountains.

Where to head next?

Something definitely worth a visit is the Baroque pilgrimage complex Skalka, towering over the town. You will experience unforgettable cosiness when you roast some (locally bought or brought) sausages on a stick by the local buffet. You can also enjoy a golden drink from the nearby Kytín brewery.

Mníšek pod Brdy Chateau



Státní zámek Mníšek pod Brdy, nám. F. X. Svobody 1, 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy




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