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Holly Mountain in Příbram


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Pilgrimage place Svatá Hora

This place is not called a Marian Baroque gem for nothing. Svatá Hora is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Bohemia. It is connected with the town of Příbram by 365 steps and mining history.

Discover the most important pilgrimage site in the Czech Republic. Svatá Hora in Příbram is not only a basilica with a monastery, but also a baroque jewel with many beautiful views, mysterious stories and romantic corners. Miracles have taken place here in the past and it is said that they are still taking place nowadays. 

Whether you want to discover the past or are interested in contemporary events, architecture or mystery, Svatá Hora will not disappoint you! The Marian Baroque gem in the heart of Bohemia is above all a place of pilgrimage. At the same time, guided tours are prepared for curious visitors, introducing them to the most interesting things this unique place has to offer.  

The core of the whole complex is the Baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built according to the project of the Italian builder Carlo Lurag – at that time the most important architect working in our territory. The famous builder Kryštof Dientzenhofer also participated in the construction. The original chapel stood here already at the beginning of the 16th century. The present sanctuary bears the title basilica minor, which it received as the first of all in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire.  

  • Tip for youMany interesting events take place on Svatá Hora throughout the year. What is an unconventional experience is the possibility of sleeping overnight on the premises. On that occasion you will also see the candle-lit stalactite chapel. Dinner is served in the Baroque dining room and is accompanied by live music.  

The present basilica stands on a terrace in a courtyard defined by magnificent decorated corridors. The accessible bell tower offers a unique view of the town of Příbram, with Svatá Hora towering over it. Visitors can explore the cellars, the pilgrimage museum, the clock tower and the treasury.  

  • Interesting fact: A covered staircase with 343 steps leads from Příbram to Svatá Hora. If you add the stairs leading up to the Coronation Altar, there are 365 stairs – just like the number of days in the year.  

One of the first miracles happened on Svatá Hora in June 1632, when a certain Jan Procházka from Nymburk miraculously regained his sight. The news spread rapidly throughout the country and even Emperor Ferdinand II and his son visited Svatá Hora shortly afterwards. In total, more than 4,500 miracles are said to have occurred here, one hundred of which are depicted in the paintings in the cloister. And others are still happening…  

Where to head next?

The composer Antonín Dvořák also liked to go for walks on Svatá Hora with his friends during his stay in the Empire château in Vysoká u Příbramě. Today there is the Antonín Dvořák Memorial. Near the château, visit the only preserved communist camp, the Memorial Vojna Lešetice. For those of a sensitive nature, we recommend a tour of the Březnice Château, which witnessed the great but secret love between Ferdinand of Tyrol and Philippina Welser.  

Svatá Hora v Příbrami



Roman Catholic Parish of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Svatá Hora 591, 261 01 Příbram II




+420 318 429 943

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