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Letecký pohled na areál zámku Březnice


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Březnice Castle

The Renaissance castle hidden in the groves of the Vlčava River near the edge of the deep Brdy forests holds many a secret, many an ancient story.

The Březnice Castle layout does not belie the fact that it was created by rebuilding a fortress. You too can enter the Renaissance period, which you can also get to know in an entertaining way on the nearby multimedia Renaissance tour. Will you also check out the mysterious creatures of the Brdy forests in the château’s dungeon?

The Březnice Castle, surrounded by beautiful nature, is almost fully accessible to visitors. The basic tour Castle Interiors presents the history of the individual noble families and the architectural and artistic development from Gothic to Biedermeier. Another tour takes you to the armoury, which preserves most types of weapons from the 15th to 19th century, from cold arms to firearms and offensive to defensive. Technically-oriented souls will rejoice!

Before the first libraries were built, books were stored in chests. The first castle library in Bohemia can be seen as part of an extended tour right in Březnice. The so-called Lokšanská library has a historically unique Renaissance interior, which has survived almost unchanged from the mid-16th century, including the beamed ceiling and the painting of the original bookcases.

  • Interesting fact: Březnice Castle became the love haven of Archduke Ferdinand, who later secretly married the niece of Katherine of Lokšany, Philippina Welser, here. This marriage would later go down in history as one of the happiest and most fulfilling marriages of the Habsburg dynasty, even though it was not recognised for many decades until the decision of Pope Gregory XIII.

Renaissance within reach – that’s the name of the multimedia tour that was launched at the château in 2021. This exhibition will guide you through the Renaissance in an unconventional way, among other things with the help of audiovisual modules. Child visitors will especially be drawn into the mystical world of fairy tale creatures via the Mysterious Creatures of the Brdy Forests exhibition, which has found its home in the Renaissance dungeon of the Březnice Castle.

The castle is surrounded by a park with two ponds and many rare trees, as well as a herb garden. It is open to the public during the day, so you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation here.

  • Tip for you: Visit the nearby synagogue in Březnice. You can walk through it on your own or with a guide. Either way you will gain an understanding of Jewish culture in an authentic setting.
Where to head next?

A great souvenir from the trip will be the Herold beer from Březnice, which you can buy at the local brewery. Combine your visit to Březnice with the nearby Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, where the Podbrdské Museum with interesting exhibitions awaits you. One of them presents Jakub Jan Ryba, the author of the Czech Christmas Mass, who lived and worked in the town. Take a walk down the impressive avenue of Johanka of Rožmitál or take part in the Queen Johanka Festival, which is held here every June. A trip to nearby Vysoká u Příbramě and the Antonín Dvořák Memorial may also be tempting.

Březnice Castle



Březnice Castle, 262 72 Březnice




+420 602 478 498

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Parking is available in the immediate vicinity of the Březnice Castle. In case of private event at the castle, the parking lot is closed to the public.


The interiors of the castle are not wheelchair accessible. The English Park, the parkland and the herb garden are accessible to wheelchair users.
Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access

Animals are not allowed in the interiors of Březnice Castle.


For safety reasons, cycling is forbidden in the castle grounds. However, cyclists are welcome to lead your bike.


In the castle grounds there is a café U bylinkové zahrádky, where you can try the local specialty - castle pancakes.
Snack shop

Snack shop

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