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Pilský rybík, Monínec


The finest natural swimming pools in Central Bohemia

3. 7. 2023

You are guaranteed to feel refreshed in natural swimming pools, sand pits and lakes. Besides, you'll be in fresh air and water without chemicals. And where will you spend the summer?

Nature is beautiful and powerful, swimming in clean water, for instance in lakes created by flooding after sand mining, is the best summer choice. You certainly don’t have to worry about proper facilities in the form of toilets, showers, changing cubicles, refreshment stands, as well as game elements and facilities for sports. There are many natural swimming pools with facilities in Central Bohemia, so go with our suggestions and head out for the summer!

Proboštská jezera
Proboštská Lakes
Author: Ondřej Soukup

Lhota, Proboštská Lakes, Poděbrady…

One of the most beautiful natural areas in Bohemia, where you can swim, play sports or have a snack, is the Lhota lake near Prague. Part of its shore is intended for naturalists.

A pleasant  environment for bathing is offered at the Proboštská Lakes in an area full of greenery with sandy and grassy beaches. In the middle of one of them is a spacious floating pontoon. Can you imagine a better place to sunbathe? The Proboštská Lakes are also an inseparable part of cultural events in Brandýs nad Labem – concerts, races and many other events take place there.

Sand mining in the Polabská Lowland has created an attractive large swimming pool, Poděbrady Lake, equipped with all the necessary services and the Kempem na Jezeře camp site. A trip to the spa town of Poděbrady is simply a good day off even in the sultry summer.

In most cases there is a fee for access to the beach, as well as for the adjacent car parks.


There are several pleasant beaches in Sadská or in nearby Ostrá. Another sandpit suitable for swimming in Central Bohemia can be found near the village of Ovčáry near Kostelec nad Labem. Its main beach has a very gradual sloped entrance to the water. Are you travelling for more days? Stay in the Kačer auto camp site right next to the parking lot.

Near Mnichovo Hradiště you can take a bath in the sandpit on the outskirts of Veselá village near the Jizera River, especially in its northern part on a small peninsula (or in the nearby Ptýrovec weir). At the sandpit in Veselá you will also find an area for wakeboarding.

Water Gun Battle in Monínec
Water Gun Battle in Monínec
Source: Monínec

Mlékojedy, Konětopy or cold Harasov?

On the shore of a flooded sandpit near Neratovice the Beach Park Mlékojedy was created, which not only brings opportunities for pleasant refreshment in the water and by the water, but also a permanent summer scene, which has been connecting music and movie production with sports activities for over twenty years.

The sandstone rock-lined Konětopy sandpit or nearby cold-water Harasov pond in the Kokořín mine, are also tempting. The Pilský pond has recently been created in the Monínec recreation area as a perfect place for summer refreshment.


Jezero Konětopy
Konětopy Lake
Author: Ondřej Soukup

There are countless natural swimming pools of all kinds in Central Bohemia, both small and large, from completely natural to well-equipped. We strongly recommend that you respect the ban on swimming in places where it is declared, which is often in flooded and sometimes hidden quarries. Even the biggest adrenaline rush is not worth the risk of serious injury or even drowning.


You can also select your swimming spots in the Swimplaces app with its ever-growing database.

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