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Chrám sv. Barbory a GASK v Kutné Hoře


Trips from Prague vol. 2: This time to Kutná Hora

12. 1. 2024

Welcome back, fellow travelers! We trust our previous blog post ignited your curiosity about the enchanting landscapes of Křivoklátsko, Berounsko, and the Bohemian Paradise. Brace yourselves for another adventure as we unlock the secrets of Central Bohemia's distinguished vine region in this edition.

Join us on a virtual journey through the UNESCO town of Kutná Hora and its surroundings, where history and culture intertwine seamlessly. Get ready to sip on the essence of Central Bohemia’s unique and diverse offerings, as we uncover the hidden treasures beyond Prague.

St. Barbara Church in Kutná Hora
St. Barbara Church in Kutná Hora
Source: Priya Shah, Traverse Post Tour

Unveiling the charms of Kutná Hora

Nestled in the heart of Central Bohemia, Kutná Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that beckons travelers with its rich history, stunning architecture, and cultural significance. As you embark on your journey through this medieval town, be prepared to encounter a tapestry of wonders that will leave an indelible mark on your travel memories.

One of Kutná Hora’s crowning jewels is St. Barbara’s Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece that stands as a testament to the town’s prosperity during the medieval era. Marvel at the intricate details of its architecture, including the stunning frescoes and the impressive rib-vaulted ceiling. Climb the tower for panoramic views of the town, providing a captivating perspective of its historical charm.

Explore the cathedral independently with an online audio guide or a printed guide using an interactive map. For a guided tour, book at least two weeks in advance.

Ossuary Kutna Hora
Ossuary in Sedlec
Source: Priya Shah, Traverse Post Tour

Get ready for a unique experience at the Sedlec Ossuary, known as the Bone Church. Decorated with the bones of around 60,000 people, this extraordinary site reflects human creativity and the transient nature of life. The skeletal arrangements create an ethereal ambiance, inviting contemplation in line with the site’s sacred motto, “memento mori.” 

Next to the ossuary, don’t miss the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist. Explore Sedlec’s landmarks during regular hours without a guide, or book a 60-minute guided tour in advance. For a unique experience, opt for night tours after regular hours, featuring a guide in monk or nun attire, candlelit ossuary, cathedral, and an organ concert. Reserve this unforgettable nocturnal experience at least 14 days in advance.

Scarf Santini Immortalis
Scarf Santini Immortalis
Source: Ondřej Soukup

In 2023, we mark 300 years since the passing of the brilliant architect Santini Aichel. Baroque architecture enthusiasts can explore his legacy through a special tour. Discover Santini’s Czech structures, inspirations, lifestyle, and the essence of Baroque Gothic.

The genius extends to unique merchandise Santini Immortalis available at the visitor center for those seeking meaningful and original souvenirs from their travels in Central Bohemia.

Step into the Italian Court, once a royal residence and mint. The exhibits showcase the town’s economic and cultural history, including its significant role in silver mining. During the guided tour, you have the opportunity to mint your own groshen. Engage in the historical printshop and craft your own postcard using a letterpress that’s over 200 years old. Create a delightful keepsake with your own hands!

For those with wanderlust and a desire to blend city life with nature, we highly recommend the circular nature trail originating from Kutná Hora. This trail leads you to a charming small waterfall and the Malešov Fortress, complete with its own brewery.

In Kutná Hora, a day is not enough. Explore a former silver mine in Hrádek, appreciate modern art at GASK, visit the stone fountain and Corpus Christi Chapel, and end your day with a movie at the architecturally unique Modrý kříž theatre.

Library in the Kačina Château
Library in the Kačina Château
Source: Priya Shah, Traverse Post Tour

Embark on your upcoming adventure!

Just a stone’s throw from Kutná Hora, uncover hidden treasures like the Bridgeton Empire-style Kačina Château, home to one of the Czech Republic’s most breathtaking libraries. At Žleby Château, bask in the charm of a fairytale landscape and encounter a game preserve featuring elegant white deer.

Kolín awaits with its enchanting Renaissance square and the picturesque St. Bartholomew’s Hillock. Immerse yourself in history at another ossuary, a captivating church, and ascend the bell tower for a panoramic vista. Kolín’s profound Jewish legacy is beeing showcased in the Jerusalem upon Elbe. Nearby, explore the newly restored neo-Moorish synagogue in Čáslav, a radiant gem of Jewish heritage.

Finally, on the outskirts of Kouřim, be enchanted by an open-air museum often graced by Czech TV fairy tales. Throughout the year, engage in ethnographic programs that breathe life into Czech traditions.

Get to Kutná Hora individually

If you’re in control of your own transportation, Kutná Hora is conveniently located just a short drive from Prague – precisely 60 km or 37 miles away. The region is compact and well-connected by roads, allowing for about an hour of travel between locations in favorable traffic conditions. Affordable and straightforward public transportation is available.

Trains departing from Prague Central Station will take you to Kutná Hora hl. n. Station, though it’s essential to note that this isn’t your final destination. A transfer to a local train, coordinating with the fast train from Prague, is necessary. However, getting lost is not a concern. Once in Kutná Hora, everything is within walking distance, although be mindful of the cobbledstone streets, which might pose a challenge for those with difficulty walking.

For transport planning we recommend using the website of the Czech national train carrier České dráhy or the Integrated Transport System IDOSBoth websites are also available in English.

Traveling by train in the Czech Republic
Traveling by train in the Central Bohemia
Author: Lukáš Sochor

Satisfy your cravings

Explore a culinary journey beyond Kutná Hora with our top dining recommendations. These restaurants primarily feature Czech cuisine, showcasing the best of local flavors. Additionally, don’t miss our favorite cafés for a delightful coffee or tea experience.

Dačický | Food is meant to be an experience, and precisely here, they ensure it. Fancy venison goulash with gingerbread dumplings, beef cheeks, roasted duck, or a cake that fills the entire room with the aroma of plums and golden crumbs? Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an Old Czech restaurant where they serve beer from a local brewery.

V Ruthardce | Another Old Czech restaurant in the center of Kutná Hora captivates with its intimate atmosphere. During the summer months, you can enjoy pleasant moments on two summer terraces with a unique view of St. Barbara’s Cathedral. In winter, warm up by the fireplace or observe falling snowflakes from the winter garden.

Čtyři sestry | In need of a break from hearty Czech fare? Look no further – this is the ideal spot for you. Indulge in a menu composed of seasonal ingredients, delivering a seamless and delightful international fusion experience.

Kozlovna Barborský dvůr | Welcome the latest addition to Kutná Hora’s dining scene – a franchise from the renowned Kozlovna chain. Indulge in authentic Czech cuisine paired with a selection of Central Bohemian beers, including the iconic Velkopopovický Kozel.

Bohdaneč Agnes | A short drive from Kutná Hora, this wheelchair-accessible restaurant, nestled in a log cabin setting, features specialties such as beef, lamb, pork, and fish sourced from their own organic farms. Enjoy their homemade bread and house-smoked bacon.

Krčma Na konci světa | Nestled in the serene village of Malešov, “At the End of the World” offers a genuine culinary experience with dishes rooted in history yet tailored for the modern palate. Please note, it operates seasonally.

Kafírnictví | Now, let’s talk coffee. This café sources its beans from Czech roasters and bakes all pastries in-house. You’ll find them in a beautiful building on Palacký Square in Kutná Hora and also at GASK – the Gallery of the Central Bohemia Region.

Café Turistka | Located just steps from St. Barbara’s Cathedral, this spot is curated by two passionate locals with a keen sense of taste. Ideal for brunch or afternoon snacks, their excellent scrambled eggs and homemade desserts are a must-try.

Bar 22 | Take an enchanting nighttime stroll through Kutná Hora before heading to Bar 22 for a drink. This renowned spot caters to fans of signature drinks and those seeking an unmistakable bar atmosphere.

Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora | This winery is based in the former monastery of St. Ursula, a historical building near the town center. There you’re welcome to enjoy the wines in one of two tasting rooms.

Hanuš Winary | From June to August, outdoor tastings are available for groups of 8 to 24 people at the winery on Sukovská Street in Kutná Hora. Alternatively, wines can be sampled at public events such as festivals, gastronomic gatherings, and markets.

Kutná Hora restaurants
Table for six in Dačický Restaurant
Source: Ondřej Soukup

Essential tips for quality sleep

Kutná Hora is a popular destination for day trips. However, if you decide to extend your stay to two or more days, you’ll have several pleasant accommodation options to choose from.

Apartmány Dačický | Each apartment is unique, but all are beautiful and conveniently located within easy reach of all important landmarks.

Vila U Varhanáře | Here, you’ll enjoy the most breathtaking panoramic view of Kutná Hora. With its strategically positioned windows and terrace, it offers unrivaled perspectives of St. Barbara’s Cathedral and other nearby landmarks.

Palace Kutná Hora | Entering Palace, you’ll immediately feel its unique charm—a historic building with roots tracing back to the medieval era. Its present-day character is shaped predominantly by Baroque renovations, tailored for stylish accommodation.

Soukeníkův dům | This boutique hotel, a collaboration with designers and local craftsmen, respects the building’s age while prioritizing your comfort, resulting in a unique space where every room is original.

Glamping Malešov | Indulge in glamorous camping with fully equipped tents featuring private ensuite bathrooms and toilets. Each tent, accommodating up to four people, is conveniently located just below the Malešov Fortress.

Němý Medvěd
Němý Medvěd Brewery
Source: Dagmar Malinová

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