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Chateau Mcely


Live Royal, Sleep Regal: Be Unapologetically Majestic!

5. 12. 2023

Embark on a majestic journey through Central Bohemia, where the air is filled with the whispers of a royal past and the landscape adorned with the remnants of ancient grandeur.

In a region boasting an extraordinary density of châteaus and castles, every step is a stride through history. Wander the enchanting nature trails, where the echoes of former royal seats linger, or delve into the mysterious corridors of both renowned and hidden medieval castles. For the true connoisseur of regal indulgence, opt for an opulent stay in one of the many châteaus, where royal spa and wellness treatments await to pamper you.

This is an open invitation to bask in the warm hospitality of Central Bohemia—a realm fit for kings and queens. Live like royal, sleep like royal, and truly be royal in this captivating haven of history and splendor.

Château Ratměřice
Château Ratměřice durng a yoga class
Source: Zámek Ratměřice

Château Elegance: Dive into the allure of royal pampering

Step into lavishly decorated rooms adorned with treasures from distant lands, where expansive windows frame views of meticulously landscaped French gardens or untamed English parks. As you wander through the castles, it effortlessly transports you to an era where noble ladies in exquisite gowns graced the halls. In Central Bohemia, the dream of castle life becomes a reality, with many castles transformed into luxurious and inviting accommodations.

Château Ratměřice

The Classicist château from the early 18th century underwent an extensive reconstruction, completed five years ago. The château accommodation is complemented by a wellness center, massage parlor, solarium, and an outdoor biotope.

Its park boasts around 60 species of deciduous and 30 species of coniferous trees and shrubs, dominated by two towering sequoias. Over 160 years ago, the then owner of the château, Otto Chotek, had them imported from America. Standing at over 45 meters, they are the largest of their kind in the Czech Republic.

Accommodation in the Czech Republic
One of the rooms adorned with Christmas decorations
Source: Chateau Mcely

Chateau Mcely

Chateau Mcely has become the epitome of luxury. Its spa indulges guests with special herbal aromatherapies, full-body massages, immersive rituals, and relaxing baths. During the summer, the outdoor pond and whirlpool offer additional delights. The prestigious European Hospitality Awards recognized its elegance and eco-friendly practices in 2015.

Bringing a touch of Mcely home is easy. The hotel presents its own handcrafted, all-natural cosmetics, allowing you to personalize your skincare routine to suit your preferences.

Discover the award-winning Piano Nobile Restaurant, crafting seasonal menus with local ingredients from regional suppliers, chateau gardens, and their own smokehouse. The Bellavista Patio, a charming conservatory, offers views of the English park.

Loučeň Castle
Loučeň Castle
Source: Dan Řežábek

Loučeň Castle

Live out your castle dreams in Loučeň, where you can choose between the historic and modern sections of the hotel. Opt for the historical one, and your room becomes an authentic haven with original furnishings, some even featuring a whirlpool.

For an enchantingly romantic stay, consider the Prince Alexander Cottage nestled in the garden pavilion. The living room opens to views of the castle park, and the terrace offers a serene spot beneath the tree canopy. Let the hotel’s room service take care of your dining and beverage needs.

Adding to the allure, Loučeň Castle Park hosts a world-class rarity—home to 12 labyrinths and mazes crafted from diverse materials and wood.

Liblice Chateau
Castle Hotel Liblice
Source: Good Agency s. r. o.

Castle Hotel Liblice

A baroque castle, envisioned by Italian architect Giovanni Battista Alliprandi, graces the vicinity of the Czech wine hub – the royal town of Mělník. Within the castle’s wellness & spa center, indulge in a selection of rejuvenating treatments to reawaken your body from fatigue.

As part of your experience, venture into the castle park with bicycles at your disposal. For an extra touch of genuine romance, consider reserving a horse-drawn carriage ride. This effortlessly transports you to an era reminiscent of young noblewomen.

The hotel proudly crafts its own wine and delicacies. Sample homemade jam, floral honey, lavender syrup, or special tea blends. Among its accolades, the hotel was honored with the Czech Hotel Awards in 2020.

Central Bohemia boasts a prime advantage – its central location and seamless connection to Prague. With a well-knit network of roads, highways, and railways, the region enjoys excellent transport links to neighboring areas and countries. In just an hour's drive from the surrounding regions, you'll find yourself here with us.

Infinit Hotel Sen
Hotel Sen with wellness
Source: Hotel Sen Senohraby

Hotel SEN Senohraby

You’ll find yourself in a dreamlike haven at the Congress & Spa Hotel SEN. Resembling the enchanting Disney castle from a distance, this hotel is more than meets the eye – it houses a sauna resort featuring herbal sauna, honey sauna, panoramic Finnish sauna, and orchard sauna. Enjoy unlimited access to the spa throughout your entire stay, allowing you to recharge your batteries and experience a truly rejuvenating escape.

In Posázaví, where this hotel is located, an array of other châteaus accommodations awaits. Choose to slumber in Sternbergs’ rooms at Jemniště Château or experience the charm of the family-owned Berchtold Château in Kunice. The tranquil surroundings of both locations promise to soothe your soul.

Château Třebešice
Château Třebešice

Château Třebešice

Completing our royal accommodation series, let’s explore Château Třebešice. This quaint Renaissance rural château features a private farm and a charming collection of countryside structures from various historical periods, all set amidst extensive grounds with water features and picturesque gardens.

Situated just 5 kilometers from the iconic landmarks of Kutná Hora, one of Central Europe’s most enchanting UNESCO cities. The interiors of Château Třebešice, much like its apartments, offer a captivating blend of intentionally preserved historical charm, modern design elements, and remarkable contemporary art, including locally inspired installations.

Křivoklát Castle
Křivoklát Castle
Source: Virtual Visit

Wander castle corridors on a guided tour – No overnight stay required

Monarchs chose residences in Central Bohemia that awed rivals, earning immediate respect. Karlštejn Castle, the most renowned, open year-round, offers a tour featuring the precious Chapel of the Holy Cross with a gilded vault and glass lenses mimicking the heavens. Did you know it was originally built by Czech King and later Roman Emperor Charles IV as a rural retreat before transforming into a repository for royal treasures, sacred relics, and imperial coronation jewels?

Křivoklát is one of the gems of Gothic architecture, and although it was destroyed by fire three times, its charm is in no way diminished. In the past, it was both a royal residence and a feared prison. Today it attracts tourists with its stories and film-makers from all over the world with its majestic spaces.

Žebrák and Točník Castle, the best-preserved Czech castles, were once lavish residences during King Wenceslas IV’s reign. Točník, beyond being a royal hunting retreat, also hosted official guests. Today, only castle ruins remain open for visits.

Visit Nižbor Castle, a testament to Bohemia’s Celtic past, opposite the famed Stradonice oppidum. Nearby, explore Rückl Glassworks for an enriching experience.

Pohled od Labe na kostel sv. Petra a Pavla a Zámek Mělník
Mělník with vineyards
Source: Hana Jampílková

Indulgent Treasures of Central Bohemia

Savoring excellent food and drinks made from top-notch, local ingredients is a pure delight for both body and soul, especially when accompanied by the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Your trip’s purpose doesn’t have to be confined to exploring castles, châteaus, and the natural wonders of the Czech Republic alone. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience through your taste buds and relish the finest offerings that Central Bohemia proudly presents.

Grapes Fit for Kings

It was the first King of Bohemia to and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV who significantly enriched the winemaking heritage in Central Bohemia. By introducing refined grape varieties from the Burgundy region in France, he elevated viticulture in Mělník, a town honored with the royal title by the emperor himself.

Kutná Hora, the royal town, also stands proudly in the winemaking tradition. The local vineyards, dating back to the 12th century, predominantly feature Pinot Noir, a grape variety championed by Charles IV.

To explore the newest vineyards in Central Bohemia, make your way to the royal town of Slaný, where these vineyards began flourishing at the turn of the millennium.

Mělník Winery Kraus | The tradition of vinemaking extends into its third generation. Come and sample their wines—whether it’s Riesling, Hibernal, or perhaps Pinot Noir that suits your palate. You can find their wine bar and shop in the heart of Mělník’s historic center at Palackého 137. Guided tastings are available in English and German.

Bettina Lobkowicz Winery | This winery is truly run by royalty—specifically, Mrs. Bettina Lobkowicz herself. Boasting 50 hectares of vineyards, it stands as the city’s largest producer. Operating from 9:00 to 17:00 every day, guided tastings are available, but reservations are a must, with a minimum requirement of 10 people.

Château Mělník | The Lobkowicz family initiated winemaking in 1753, and in 2009, a new chapter began with the restoration of the St. Joseph cellar beneath Mělník Castle’s courtyard. Guided tastings at require a minimum of 9 people.

Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora | This winery is based in the former monastery of St. Ursula, a historical building near the town center of Kutná Hora. There you’re welcome to enjoy the wines in one of two tasting rooms.

Vinařství a vinohradnictví Slaný Kvíc | A short distance from Slaný, you’ll discover this vineyard. The selected wines undergo the time-honored French Bâtonnage method, resulting in wines that are refreshingly vibrant, well-rounded, and full-bodied.

Řevnice Brewery
Řevnice Brewery
Source: Dagmar Malinová

In vino veritas, but in beer, there is strength

Brewing in Central Bohemia is experiencing a remarkable revival. Beyond well-known giants like Velké Popovice, Krušovice, and Nymburk, which have found favor across continents, there’s a plethora of smaller local breweries to explore. These excursions go beyond the realms of alcohol, becoming a testament to Czech craftsmanship and the technical ingenuity of our ancestors.

Take, for instance, the Steam-Powered Brewery in Lobeč, a living testament to a five-century tradition of brewing in the Kokořín region. Recently resurrected by the Prouza family, who invested not just their finances and time, but most importantly, their passion, it has become a space for gathering, engaging conversations, and a journey into the rich history of Czech brewing.

Beer connects people, and in the revived brewery in Kostelec nad Čerými lesy, you’ll find not only renewed production but also the unique National Brewery Museum. Set aside expectations of modern sterility; instead, discover the Czech Republic’s only working shower and the world’s largest wood-fired brewery. The mission is clear: preserve historical brewing techniques dating back to the Austro-Hungarian era.

In the Loděnice river valley, Dědkův Mlýn Brewery offers a romantic escape. Unwind in the garden where time seems to stand still, and experience a park-like setting for relaxation, celebrations, or your own picnic. Watch the mill wheel turn, fueled by the waters of Loděnice stream.

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