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Velký Blaník Lookout Tower


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Reach the peak of the legendary Blaník Mountain

Exploring the mythical Blaník Mountain is enchanting in every season. From the iconic lookout, you'll have nearly half of Bohemia at your fingertips.

Venturing to the mythical Blaník Mountain provides different ascent options. This circular path begins above Louňovice pod Blaníkem and is not too challenging, making it feasible even for families with children. Moreover, a substantial portion of the journey unfolds along the educational trail ‘S rytířem na Blaník,’ ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

Starting from the Louňvice pod Blaníkem parking lot, follow the red hiking trail. The ascent begins gently, but as you approach the point where the massive stone head of the Blaník knight emerges, the climb becomes more challenging. The effort doesn’t stop there; if you aim to reach the top of the iconic lookout resembling a Hussite chalice, be prepared for an additional 107 stairs. Conquering them requires a bit of courage. The ladder-like steps are quite steep. However, the view is truly impressive. From here, you can gaze upon nearly half of Central Bohemia. The lookout tower remains open year-round, though only on weekends during the off-season.

  • Interesting fact: The legend of the Blaník knights comes in many variations. In the most popular rendition, the knights of St. Wenceslas rest within the depths of Blaník Mountain, poised to ride to the aid of the Czech nation in its darkest hour. Yet, this isn’t the sole tale connected to the mountain. Inside the mountain, time is said to pass uniquely. While merely a day elapses within, it translates to a full year outside.

The ascent to the lookout tower is not the end of the attractions on Velký Blaník. Continue further along the red trail and educational path until you reach a replica of the foundation stone of the National Theatre, which was hewn from the Slepičí skála rock formation nearby.

  • Tip for you: Extend your journey from Blaník, following the red trail towards Kondrac, and discover the Blaník House of Nature. This exhibition showcases the nature and geology of Blaník, featuring an interactive 3D map of the surroundings, playful elements for children, and a refreshment area with seating indoors or outdoors – a delightful stop for any traveler. The local attractions are equally entertaining – when you peek under the armor of the Blaník knight’s breastplate set into the rock, you’ll hear the breathing and voices of the knights. In nearby Kondrac, you can also treat yourself to ice cream or enjoy a meal at the popular U Matoušků restaurant.

Opting for the shorter circular route, make sure not to overlook Veřejová skála on your return – a spot where, as legend has it, the entrance to the mountain lies in pursuit of the knights. Follow the green trail from the crossroads above Slepičí skála, and the path will gently descend, leading you back to the starting parking lot.

If you still have the strength and time, consider ascending to the adjacent Malý Blaník. Together with Velký Blaník, they shape our smallest protected landscape area. The hike is worth it. Alongside the panoramic view of Velký Blaník, you’ll uncover the ruins of the St. Mary Magdalene chapel, where a remarkable tree – a robust spruce – stands at its center. Preserving a connection to ancient Celtic history, not far from the chapel, you’ll spot Thor’s hammer wedged into the rock and, a bit further, encounter a wooden statue of a Celtic warrior.

Trip start:

Louňovice pod Blaníkem

Trip length:

3,7 km

Trip duration:

1,5 hours

Trip end

Louňovice pod Blaníkem

Altitude profile:

+178 m

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