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Dog in Marina Vltava


Where to take your dog for a trip? Explore the countryside, and culture!

7. 9. 2023

Take your dog on a trip! Your four-legged friend probably comes to the countryside with you regularly, but what if you are also tempted to visit castles and châteaux, culture or even the zoo? Take inspiration from all the places where dogs are welcome in Central Bohemia.

Most castles and châteaux allow dogs on the premises, but they usually have to miss the actual tour. However, nothing prevents you from taking your dog for a walk in the park or in local cafés, where they are happy to provide a bowl of water for dogs.

Travelling with four-legged friends always requires some discipline and a muzzle, leash or travel bag. Of course the owner is always responsible for the behaviour of their canine friends. 

Pes na výletě
Dog on a trip
© Lukáš Sochor

Beroun region: A great trip with your dog

Where to take your dog in the Beroun region, even for a castle tour? To Křivoklát! If you have a small breed, you can take your dog in a travel bag. Your dog can also accompany you to the Nižbor château, where there is an Information Centre of Celtic Culture. Dogs will also enjoy the fairy tale Krakovec Castle.

Explore the Beroun region with your dog and go to the Beroun Beararium or the Town Mountain. A hike up to the Máminka lookout tower near Hudlice is also tempting, but you may only want to take small breeds all the way up in a bag. Dogs are also allowed in the Court Všerad. Whether you visit the restaurant and pension, the gallery or the M. D. Rettigová Museum, dogs will be offered a bowl of water. Dogs can also refresh themselves with water in the Rückl glassworks, where they can take an interesting tour with you. Of course that depends on the nature of your dog.

Dogs on a leash are welcome in Lavender Valley and in the family home of J. Jungmann, in the outdoor exhibition of the Museum of the Bohemian Karst Beroun – Geopark Barradien, in its main exhibition or, if you carry your dog in a travel bag, also in the Plzeň Gate. They are also welcome in the Karlštejn Recreational Park. In Karlštejn itself, there is a drinking fountain for dogs right in the pedestrian zone and many local restaurants offer dogs a bowl of water. They can then run freely in the meadow by the bridge, in the field opposite the station and elsewhere.Mcely

Chateau Mcely
Chateau Mcely
©Chateau Mcely

Special menu for dogs? This is also possible!

You read that right, Château Mcely has also prepared a special dog menu. You can take a small dog with you on a tour in Křinec Château in the Nymburk region, large breeds can be taken on a leash into the château garden. They will also see the ruins of the castle and château Zvířetice and the local information centre, except for the exhibition room on the first floor. They will appreciate a bowl of water on the terrace.

Going to see animals? Take your dog to the Chleby Zoo, specifically the new part of the zoo. Please take into account the entrance fee for accompanying animals. You can also take your dog with you to the city Temple Palace in Mladá Boleslav or to the Open-Air Museum in Přerov nad Labem.

Are you taking your dog to the Milovice Military Museum? Arrange it in advance with the staff, whereby after agreement it is usually possible to have someone look after the dog during the tour.

Dog-Walking in the Veltrusy Chateau Park
Dog-Walking in the Veltrusy Chateau Park
©Dagmar Malinová

Stunning parks, unique panoramas… And dogs

It would be a sin not to visit some of the many charming parks in the Kutná Hora and Kolín region, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the cities and local châteaux. And bring the dogs with you!

Where to? Perhaps to the châteaux parks Kačina or Žleby. You can enjoy a great experience in the Breuer Gardens in Kutná Hora under Vlašský dvůr. Just be careful – Mina the one-eyed cat lives here, but she is peaceful and very popular with the locals.

A bit of caution is also required in the park on Bartolomějské návrší in Kolín. The park in the very centre of the city is very nice, but small, so keep an eye on your pet.

You will be delighted by the tour in the Museum of Folk Buildings in Kouřim – they will even let you come in with a dog on a leash.Author: Donkey

Donkey Trail
Donkey Trail
© Oslí stezka

Brdy and Podbrdsko: Visiting culture with a dog

Take your dog for a tour of the Rožmital pod Třemšínem Château, where they will also get fresh water in the courtyard. Your dog will also get to take a look at the parks near the Březnice, Dobříš and Hořovice châteaux, and also Točník castle with you. Are you going to the Mining Museum Příbram? If you are only going to visit the surface exhibitions, you can take your little dog in a bag with you.

A dog in a bag or a dog stroller can accompany you on the tour of the Podbrdské Museum, and a dog in a bag will also be allowed into the Antonín Dvořák Memorial in Vysoká u Příbrami. Dogs on leashes are also allowed in the local park and café.

Dogs are allowed to enter the newly renovated Hvožďany Speicherhaus, which houses a permanent exhibition of the fire fighting museum of the Podbrdy region, the museum of axes and the regional museum of Hvožďany, as well as the mini-zoo Zvířátkov in Olešná.

Pes na výletě v parku Veltrusy
Dog facing the Sphynx in the Veltrusy Chateau Park
Source: Dagmar Malinová

To Kokořínsko not only for the forests, or to Kladno and Slánsko?

The dense and mysterious Kokořín forests are a paradise for dogs, but you don’t have to stay in the Kokořín region only for nature walks. Take a trip with your dog to the Zelčín Zoo or to the park of Liblice Château – obedient dogs can even run around there without a leash.

The Kladno and Slánsko region also offer a long list of places to take your dog for a hike, judge for yourself: The Zájezd Zoopark, open since this year Kumpán’s Garden in SlanýCífkův statek an educational centre for ecological education AVES Kladno Čabárna, château parks in Veltrusy and in Lány (where you and your dog will also be delighted by the nature trail and the Lánská obora), the Kladno BearariumSlánská hora or even Vinařická hora near Kladno with its nature trail.

Do you know Taychon Sport Arena? It is a sports complex in Posázaví primarily designed for dog sports.

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