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Koněprusy Caves

Welcome to the world of magical stalactite formations that will make your imagination run wild. Welcome to the longest cave in the Czech Republic, tens of millions of years old.

In the Koněprusy Caves in the Bohemian Karst, you will not only see diverse and fascinating stalactite formations, various cave chambers, abysses and traces of the sea, but also a secret medieval money-maker’s workshop.

The Koněprusy Caves are the longest caves in the Czech Republic with their three cave levels and length of over 2 kilometres. They are also remarkable for the large number of places with macroscopically visible opal, as part of the local famous Koněprusy Rose. In the cave you will also see fascinating sinterfalls and other diverse stalactite formations. You will admire various eccentric stalactites that also grow in different directions or even branch out. During the guided tour you will learn how and why they are formed. You will marvel at the plethora of ornaments, details and nooks and crannies.

  • Tip for you: A guided tour of the caves takes approximately one hour. You will learn fascinating information, be made aware of extraordinary formations, climb several floors and even cool down in the summer. The average temperature inside the caves is around 10°C, which suits the bats that live here over the winter.
Where to head next?

Want to get to know the nearby surroundings? The Golden Horse nature trail starts right at the cave exit and takes you on a tour of the abandoned quarries and interesting places in the vicinity of Koněprusy. It is approximately 4 kilometres long. For more former quarries, head to Tetín. You will find them on Damil Hill, from where you can enjoy a view of the village and the Czech Karst landscape. Do you want to explore more caves? The 17-metre long, freely accessible Kodská Cave is the most important archaeological site in the Czech Karst.

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