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Letecký pohled na obec a hrad Žebrák


Thursday 18.07.

22 ° C

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Žebrák Castle Ruins

Žebrák is one of the oldest aristocratic castles in Bohemia. Climb its castle tower, which serves as a lookout tower, and take in the wide surroundings.

Together with the younger and higher Točník Castle, Žebrák is the best preserved Czech castle. During the reign of King Wenceslas IV, it became one of the most lavish residences in the country. What can you look forward to?  

During a free tour during the summer season, you can see all the spaces and romantic corners of the castle. The prepared text will help you – so you don’t miss anything crucial. Do not miss the high castle tower, from which you can enjoy a circular view of the countryside and the yards of the village of Točník below the castle 

You will admire the beauty of the castle, founded in the second half of the 13th century by the noble family of Zajíc of Valdeka, at the end of a narrow rock rib above the Stroupinský brook. It is to this rib (in Czech “žebro”), which was a bit of a challenge for the builders, that the castle owes its name. From the very beginning it was used by the nobility and Czech kings. Only when it burned down in 1395 did King Wenceslas IV build the neighbouring Točník, just a few hundred metres from his then-current residence. The castle’s deterioration was contributed to by a search for treasure in the 16th century, which caused the demolition of the walls of the old palace.  

  • Interesting fact: Žebrák served for seven years as a place of asylum to the younger brother of Emperor Charles IV, John Henry, who was unjustly banished by his wife Margaret of Tyrol.  
Where to head next?

Along with the castle, make sure to explore its immediate surroundings. An interesting view of Žebrák is offered through the portal of the famous Czech philosopher and theologian Jerome of Prague – you can find it on Jezevčí Hill. Nearby you will discover a stone that fell from the castle rock in the 19th century and killed a local miller. A cross was planted in the stone to commemorate the sad event. Don’t forget to climb up to the younger Točník. You can also visit the nearby châteaux of Hořovice and Zbiroh 

Zřícenina hradu Žebrák



Žebrák Castle - Točník 1 267 51 Zdice




+420 778 761 741

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Parking lot available beneath the castle.


Dogs alowed only on leash.


Cyclists are welcome, just the access is a bit more challenging.


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