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Zoo Chleby


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Chleby Zoo

Fancy something exotic? See attractive exotic animal species in the first ever post-revolutionary non-state official zoo in the Czech Republic. In 1997 the Chleby Zoo near Nymburk became just that.

Meet domestic and exotic animals in a playful way. Chleby Zoo is the oldest and only zoo in Central Bohemia. In the first post-revolutionary non-state zoo, you don’t have to settle for walking between the enclosures. You can take away unusual experiences thanks to a range of programmes and special offers. 

In total, there are over 420 animals of about 120 species at Chleby Zoo, and all of them are cared for with dedication and love. As a visitor you will have the opportunity to see them really up close, the zoo is very interactive. All groups of animals are represented, from the most numerous mammals and birds, through reptiles and amphibians to fish and invertebrates from all continents except Antarctica.  

The zoo is constantly evolving and changing, so you will not stop enjoying your repeated visits. How could you, when the zoo is truly welcoming to visitors and there is always a friendly, even family atmosphere. You will be delighted by the large number of plants, including many species of bamboo, and children will appreciate the local wooden playground with castles. The last big piece of news is the opening of a large lion pavilion. New educational elements will make a visit to the zoo even more interesting and at the same time provide a lot of fascinating information not only about the life of lions.  

  • Tip for you: Don’t miss the guided tours, educational programmes and other events that are often organized here. Zoo holidays and overnight stays at the zoo are also available. There is plenty to choose from all year round.  

Animals do not take holidays, which is why Chleby Zoo is open 365 days a year.

Where to head next?

All year round you can also visit the nearby Loučeň Castle with its Labyrintharium, where many thematic events are organized. At any time of the year, you can also admire the expositions in the Dobrovice Museums, which will introduce you to the history of the Czech sugar refinery industry as well as the distilling and beet industry. From spring to autumn, take your children to the nearby Mirakulum Park in Milovice. 

Zoo Chleby



Václava Otty 1, 289 31, okres Nymburk




+420 702 186 910

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