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The Memorial of the National Oppression and Resistance


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The Memorial of the National Oppression and Resistance

The Memorial in Panenské Břežany stands as a reminder of Nazi occupation in the Czech lands. The site includes a chapel designed by a famous architect and a spacious castle park, creating a reflective atmosphere.

Once a retirement home and a showcase for elegant furniture, now hosts an exhibition revisiting a challenging chapter in Czech history. The complex also features the Chapel of St. Anne, designed by Baroque architect Giovanni Santini Aichl.

Since 2012, the Upper Castle complex has been managed by the Regional Museum Prague-East. The museum has created the current memorial featuring an interactive exhibition titled ‘Crime and Punishment.’ Open throughout the year, the Memorial of National Resistance and Oppression, offers insights from Czechoslovakia’s dissolution to the courtroom judgments on war criminals and collaborators.

  • Tip for you: Experience the Reinhard Heydrich attack in virtual reality, gaining insights into key historical events and the persecution of the Jewish population through a multimedia exhibition.

A short stroll from the castle leads you to the Chapel of St. Anne, designed in the early 18th century by the famed Baroque Gothic architect Giovanni Santini Aichel, known for his work on the Sedlec Cathedral and Ossuary.

  • Tip for you: St. Anne, the patron saint of happy marriages and mothers, lends her symbolism to the Chapel of St. Anne—a perfect year-round venue for weddings, open from Wednesday to Sunday.
Where to head next?

Visit the Memorial of Josef Lada and his daughter Alena in Hrusice, delving into the life and art of the renowned Czech painter. Venture to the ruins of Jenštejn Castle for panoramic views, and discover the history of the outskirts of Prague at the Brandýs nad Labem Museum. Brave souls may appreciate the exhibition in the Brandýs Executioner’s House.

Jan Blažej Santini Aichel



Hlavní 11, 250 70 Panenské Břežany




+420 730 561 207

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Parking spaces in front of the castle are free. Buses must park at the municipal parking lot on Akátová Street.


The castle is wheelchair accessible.
Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access

The toilets are free for memorial visitors. A wheelchair-accessible WC is also available.


Changing table available.
Children facilities

Children facilities

The memorial offers bike stands, but cycling across the entire area is not allowed. You can store your belongings in the castle.


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