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Elbe Cycle Route From Kolín to Poděbrady

Enjoy a peaceful ride along the rivers Elbe and Cidlina from Kolín to the spa town of Poděbrady. A short relaxing trip, ending on the spa promenade, is tailor-made for calming down in hectic times.

What’s in store? Enjoy a leisurely bike ride, explore Kolín’s historic gems, witness river confluences, visit Poděbrady’s spa, and more.

Apart from a brief urban stretch at the start, the whole route follows the Elbe. From Kolín train station, access the river’s right bank via Kmoch’s Island. Just after the bridge, turn left onto the Elbe Cycle Route. Before that, take a quick stop and explore the city center of Kolín.

As you pass through Borky Forest Park, you’ll spot two large lakes to your right—popular relaxation spots. Nearby lies the Veltrubský floodplain nature reserve, rich in riparian forests and wetlands. Follow the river to Oseček ferry, then turn right. Look for a red hiking marker in the forest; alternatively, explore the vast Libický floodplain to the left. Passing under the highway leads to Libice nad Cidlinou, marked by a monument to the Slavník dynasty, raided by the Přemyslids in 995.

Following the Elbe Cycle Route, you’ll arrive at the confluence of the Elbe and the Cidlina, near the spa town of Poděbrady. There, you’ll discover captivating landmarks such as a century-old hydroelectric power plant and a lock designed by architect Antonín Engel, both national cultural treasures. In the adjacent gardens, you can also explore the source of one of Poděbrady’s mineral springs – the Svatojánský Spring.

The route leads past the baroque castle, once a Gothic fortress. After the bridge, head towards the city center and the train station. Through Jiřího z Poděbrad Square, graced by a royal equestrian statue, you’ll reach the Spa Park. Take a break to enjoy the spa colonnade’s atmosphere and taste one of the healing springs.

Trip start:


Trip length:

26 km

Trip duration:

1,5 hours

Trip end


Altitude profile:

+15 km

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