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Family Cycling Trip through Posázaví Region


Thursday 18.07.

26 ° C

Friday 19.07.

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Saturday 20.07.

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From Prague to the Region of Josef Lada and Mikeš the Cat

Just beyond the border of bustling Prague begins a land full of fantasy and children’s fairy tales. Josef Lada’s illustrations have become famous all over the world. Get to know the places that inspired the Czech genius.

Who wouldn’t know Mikeš the cat, Bystrouška the fox, the water goblin and other iconic characters from Josef Lada’s fairy tales and illustrations! Get to know Lada’s region and remind yourselves of the places you know so well from your childhood.  

From the station Prague-Kolovraty head along the railway line to the bike trail called “To Prague by Bike”. Let it take you to Říčany, where the remains of a Gothic castle or a geological exposition of the Říčany Museum await you. At Lázeňská louka park, take a nice photo through the photo frame with a view of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and the ruins of Říčany Castle 

From the town to the village of Světice the cycle path will lead you along the Říčany ponds Marvánek, Rozpakov and Srnčí. Along the way, you will have several roofed rest areas with benches and tables suitable for resting and even a picnic. Take a look at the information boards with interesting facts about the surrounding landscape that inspired the painter Josef Lada. If you’re bringing children along, be sure to stop by at Lada’s Village, a thematic resting place dedicated to the work of Josef Lada with interactive play elements.  

  • Interesting fact: If you prefer the smell of a campfire and roasted sausages to restaurant food, don’t forget to pack a few sausages in your backpack. If you want to roast some sausages, you can use the local gazebo with a campfire ring in Lada’s Village.  

You can end your trip in Světice and return by train. However, the bike trail continues through Všestary to Mnichovice. Further on, bike trails 0020 and 0025 will lead you via Mirošovice to Hrusice, the birthplace of Josef Lada. His life and work is the subject of a local Memorial to Josef Lada and his daughter Alena, don’t miss a tour. After that, you can end your trip in Senohraby at the train station, where trains to Prague run every half hour until the evening hours. 

Trip start:


Trip length:

22,5 km / 14mi

Trip duration:

1,5 hours

Trip end


Altitude profile:

+129 m / 423 feet

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