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Czech Museum of Silver


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Czech Museum of Silver

Explore the Czech Museum of Silver in Kutná Hora and delve into the medieval mine. Beneath a town intricately connected with silver mining and smelting throughout history, experience a moment as medieval miners.

The Czech Museum of Silver in Kutná Hora offers a tour of medieval mines and exhibitions dedicated to silver mining in a building called Hrádek. Additionally, there are exhibitions and temporary displays in the Gothic Stone House and Tylův House.

The main exhibition of the Czech Museum of Silver in Kutná Hora is located at Hrádek. Before venturing into the mines beneath the town, explore the “City of Silver” tour, which covers the city’s origin and development. The “Silver Road” tour vividly presents the entire process of medieval mining, raw silver processing, and coin minting technology. This route includes a replica mining facility, an original horse-powered mining machine, and a miner’s settlement. As part of the second route, the public can explore a 250-meter-long tunnel through a medieval mine, revealing traces of miners’ work and niches for mining lamps.

  • Interesting fact: Visitors explore the medieval mine wearing a white canvas smock – the traditional miner’s attire, complete with a helmet and lantern.

Nestled in one of the Czech Republic’s oldest and most affluent museums, the Stone House exemplifies bourgeois Gothic architecture. Inside, you can explore temporary exhibits and enduring tours like “Royal Upper Town – bourgeois culture and life in the 17th–19th centuries” and “Lapidarium: Art of Jagiellonian Stonemasons.”

Where to go next?

Explore Tyl House near Palacký Square, just a short stroll from Hrádek. Discover the Jesuit College housing GASK, a gallery dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Take in the charm of the local Ossuary and other gems in Kutná Hora, the royal “silver” town. And don’t forget to venture to the nearby châteaus of Kačina and Žleby.

Czech Museum of Silver



Barborská 28, 284 01 Kutná Hora




+420 327 512 159

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The nearest free parking for private cars is located on Na Valech Street. Paid parking for private vehicles is available at Václavské náměstí, and paid parking for buses is on Československých legionářů Street.


Hrádek and the Stone House, both medieval architectural gems, have limited accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges.
Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access

Hrádek provides restroom facilities, whereas the Stone House does not have them. Accessible restrooms are exclusively located in Hrádek.


In front of Hrádek, cyclists can use bike racks, while the Stone House doesn't provide bike racks.


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