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Hamous Farm in Zbečno


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Hamous Farm

Let yourself be transported back in time and indulge in a delicious experience at Hamous Farm, which beckons you with the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Hamous Farm is a unique monument of folk architecture. Belonging among the larger farms you can not only admire the timbered dwelling house, but also the brick barns, stables with granary, outhouse and trading store. You can also touch and experience all the exhibits on display.

The exposition at Hamous Farm presents the traditional crafts and way of life in a rural homestead. It is designed in such a way that you can touch everything and, if technically possible, try it out. Can you smell it? The caretaker, dressed in period clothing, is removing freshly baked bread from the oven. Visitors can enjoy this spectacle, a bread baking demonstration, every Saturday morning from May to September.

  • Interesting fact: Until the middle of the 20th century, half of the cottages in Zbečno were folk timbered houses, which were subsequently rebuilt or demolished to make way for new construction. Except for the Hamous farmhouse! Until 1992 a local farmer lived there permanently, adapting his life to the homestead and properly and lovingly devoting himself to his dwelling and farm.

The homestead was mainly used for farming purposes. A tavern of sorts was set up here and, for a short time during the management of Dominik Hamous, also a bailiff’s office. The building is entered through the centre directly into the hall, where a black kitchen with a period bread oven faces the entrance. During your visit you will also see the living quarters, the cellars that served as a storehouse for beer, wine, fruit and vegetables, or the rooms where the farmer and his wife lived out their retirement.

Hamous Farm is one of the oldest monuments of folk architecture in Central Bohemia open to the public. The village, in the heart of which it is located, also has a very long history and dates back to the times of the first Přemyslids. Zbečno was the centre of the princely forest and the royal court until Křivoklát Castle took over the leading role.

  • Interesting fact: The age of the building is truly unique – the foundation of the lower chamber dates back to the end of the 16th century. The youngest feature of the entire building is the roof frame from the end of the 18th century.
Where to head next?

The majestic royal castle Křivoklát. You can easily reach it on foot. The less than 7 km long trail will also lead you through the Brdatka Nature Reserve with its preserved forest vegetation. On the way back you can take a three-stop train ride or a more adventurous paddle down the Berounka River. Would you prefer to walk some more? Head to the Klíčava dam. The Klíčava Dam is a drinking water reservoir for the surrounding area, so only the dam itself is open to the public. But it is worth it, not only for the walk full of amazing views of the Křivoklát region and the Berounka valley.

Hamousův statek Zbečno



Hamousův statek n. 22, 270 24 Zbečno




+420 724 980 456

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Parking is available within 100 m near the Hamous Farm.


The estate is only partially accessible for wheelchair users. There are 2-3 stairs in the area, but they can be overcome with some help.
Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access

Animals are not allowed on the Hamous Farm.


Hamous Farm is located on the Křivoklát cycling route. You can leave your bike in the courtyard during the tour.


In the village of Zbečno there is a grocery store near the farm and three other refreshment options.
Snack shop

Snack shop

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