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Křivoklát Castle

One of the oldest and also the most filmed castles in the country is hidden in the deep forests of the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area. It's walls witnessed love stories and royal decisions shaping our society.

Křivoklát is one of the gems of Gothic architecture, and although it was destroyed by fire three times, its charm is in no way diminished. In the past, it was both a royal residence and a feared prison. Today it attracts tourists with its stories and film-makers from all over the world with its majestic spaces.  

Its origins date back to the 12th century, making it one of our oldest and most important castles. All Czech kings stayed at Křivoklát at least for a while, finding refuge there. It became popular mainly because of the surrounding dense forests rich in wildlife. Premyslids, Luxemburgs and Jagiellonians stayed here. King Wenceslas IV even had the Czech crown jewels transferred here for a time to protect them from the Hussites. By a twist of fate, Křivoklát also came under the administration of the Wallensteins and Fürstenbergs, who were the last owners of the estate until 1929, when they sold the castle to the Czechoslovak state. 

  • Tip for you: Experience unforgettable nights at Křivoklát! You can actually stay at the castle, in the old Czech Police Station, the apartment at the Fox’s Bastion or Magistrate Kelley’s apartment. Get ready for a unique combination of history and the present.  

What can you expect during the tour? The magnificent castle chapel, the Royal and Knights’ Halls, the library containing 52,000 volumes, the infamous prison with torture instruments, the dungeon, the monumental great tower with hunting collections and a view of the surroundings, a pleasant walk along the castle walls and much more. You can choose from three guided tours and one unguided tour. The rooms in the individual complement each other, so if you want to see everything, choose the tour through the whole castle. Make sure you set aside enough time. It takes 100 minutes to explore the whole of Křivoklát.  

  • Interesting fact: The castle, shrouded in many myths and legends, has more than once shone in literature and film. Almost all its corners have appeared on silver screens and televisions, and Czech and foreign production crews have taken turns here. The fairy tales The Angel of the Lord and The Third Prince, the films The Three Veterans and Bathory, and the Hollywood blockbusters Wanted and The Curse of the Brothers Grimm are just a very brief list of the works in which the castle has appeared.
Where to head next? 

Křivoklát Castle is located in the centre of the Křivoklátsko protected landscape area, so its surroundings invite to countless excursions. From the monument to Prince Fürstenberg you can take a walk to the Paraplíčko lookout. For beautiful views of the forests and the Berounka River, visit the U Eremita nature trail. Follow in the footsteps of film-makers to the ruins of Týřov Castle or the ruins of Krakovec Castle. What is unforgettable is a visit to the Hamous farm in Zbečno, a walk to the Skryje Lakes or a romantic ferry ride in Luh pod Branovem to the Ota Pavel Memorial Hall. 

Hrad Křivoklát



Křivoklát 47, Křivoklát, 270 23




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