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Mining Museum in Příbram


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Mining Museum in Příbram

Explore the biggest Czech mining museum in Příbram, where captivating exhibitions in historic venues bring to life the fascinating mining history, offering a truly unique and immersive experience.

The Mining Museum in Příbram is one of the largest and oldest museums in the Czech Republic. Established in 1886, it now offers access to several tour areas where you can explore mining history, take a ride on a mining train, or embark on an adventurous underground walking tour.

Since 2014, the museum has been a national cultural monument, and thanks to its rich exhibition and a variety of attractions, it enjoys great popularity. There are three tour areas: Ševčinský Mine, Anna Mine, and Vojtěch Mine.

  • Interesting fact: The museum boasts rare exhibits, including two steam mining engines (1889, 1914) and the sole Czech water wheel for mine water pumping, both state-protected. Additionally, the museum oversees the Bytíz uranium mine since 2017, gradually opening it to visitors. At over 1.5 km deep, it ranks as the third deepest mine in the Czech Republic. Certain places are now open to public on specific dates.

In the Ševčinský Mine area, you’ll find exhibitions focused on mining activities in the Příbram region or an original miner’s cottage. An adrenaline-filled experience awaits with a 51m-long slide that both children and adults can joyfully ride. Wrap up your tour by collecting geological samples at a nearby spoil heap.

On the surface of the Anna Mine, you’ll learn a lot about smelting and processing. Brave visitors can descend by elevator to explore ore chimneys and drainage tunnels in the challenging mining terrain below. In the final section of Vojtěch Mine, you’ll appreciate the mining forge featuring blacksmithing demonstrations alongside additional exhibitions.

  • Tip for you: In the area of the Mining Museum Příbram, take a ride on the mining trains. From the courtyard of the Ševčinský Mine, the train departs on a 350m-long route towards the Vojtěch Mine. During the Anna Mine tour, the train takes you underground, where you’ll travel through the Prokop Gallery to the mouth of the Prokop Shaft.
Where to head next?

After exploring the Mining Museum Příbram, check out other sites nearby. In Vysoký Chlumec, discover an open-air museum showcasing folk architecture. A few kilometers south, the Vojna Memorial honors communism victims and explores uranium mining history. Heading north to Nový Knín, find the Gold Museum, Špýchar Museum, and an exhibition on the old Vltava River at the Chotilské Museum.

Mining Museum in Příbram



nám. Hynka Kličky 293, 261 01 Příbram VI – Březové Hory




+420 318 626 307

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Anna Mine - Large parking lot, free parking, also available for buses. Vojtěch Mine - Small parking lot (only for a few cars), free parking. Additional parking option at J. A. Alise Square (200 m from the Ševčinský Mine), free parking.


Only a part of the area is wheelchair-accessible. These include selected exhibits from the Ševčínský Mine, the shaft building of the Vojtěch Mine, the mine train ride at the Anna Mine, and the machinery building of the Anna Mine.
Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access

Restrooms are available in all areas, but wheelchair-accessible facilities are not provided in the exhibition areas. However, visitors can arrange to use the wheelchair-accessible toilets at the cultural and educational center of the Anna Mine.


Changing tables are available.
Children facilities

Children facilities

Bike racks and luggage storage facilities are available.


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