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Muzeum lidových staveb v Kouřimi


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Open-air Museum in Kouřim

The Folk Architecture Museum in Kouřim is the only multi-regionally oriented open-air ‘Skanzen’ museum in the Czech Republic.

The Open-Air Museum in Kouřim, part of the Regional Museum in Kolín, hosts ethnographic programs showcasing significant traditional holidays in a historical setting year-round.

In Kouřim, just about a kilometer from the center of the royal town, a small historic village unfolds in the midst of an old orchard. Here, you’ll find architectural landmarks transferred not only from the nearby surroundings but practically from all over Bohemia. This provides a direct comparison of various regional types of folk architecture from the 17th to the 19th century.

  • Tip for you: Consider joining the regular one-day courses in traditional crafts. Learn valuable craft skills and craft your own unique souvenir to take home.

The local ethnographic programs are renowned, showcasing significant traditional holidays in an impressive historical setting. Whether for harvest celebrations, fairs, or Christmas, you’ll step back in time and learn fascinating details.

The open-air museum in Kouřim is in constant expansion, showcasing 14 residential and farm structures, alongside various smaller landmarks. Explore a log cabin with a smokehouse, a farmhouse, a town hall, a blacksmith shop, a rump well, a wooden piston pump, and a beekeeping hut. The site is adorned with petite sacred monuments like saint statues, crosses, and a bell tower.

Where to go next?

Explore Kouřim’s surroundings on a leisurely walk following the first Slavs’ footsteps. Visit Kutná Hora, a UNESCO town with landmarks like the Ossuary and St. Barbara’s Cathedral. Discover the Czech Museum of Silver, featuring a medieval mine, and enjoy local winery tours.

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