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Hrad Točník


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Točník Castle Ruins

Točník is often referred to as the castle of King Wenceslas IV. Together with Žebrák, it forms the best preserved Czech castle complex and is a testament to the advanced art of building.

Head to the castle where rare official visits used to be received. A number of innovations were adopted in its construction. The road to Točník is winding and offers beautiful views not only of the castle, but also of the wider surroundings.   

King Wenceslas IV gave the impetus for the construction of the castle immediately after the nearby Žebrák Castle burnt down. It is almost unimaginable that the builders of that time managed to build such a large castle in barely four years. They used a number of construction innovations. Točník was one of the first castles that did not have a defensive tower, but only an ingenious system of zwingers. It was also one of the first castles to be centrally heated – it had interestingly designed fireplaces that could heat the entire castle.   

Točník did not serve only for the hunting pleasure of the king, but was also intended for representation and reception of official guests. The large hall on the second floor even exceeded in size the largest representative halls at Karlštejn, Křivoklát or Prague Castle.  

  • Interesting fact: Wenceslas IV had a quarter of the royal treasure transported to Točník and stored there. The chest for its storage was partially walled up so that no one could steal it.  

 Bears and bats have taken a liking to Točník as well. Agáta and Martin have been living here for many years. The Royal Palace is also used as a summer shelter by big bats, about 400 of which gather here every year to give birth and raise their young in the safety of Točník. Every evening they take a breakneck trip upside down, through the black kitchen and through the open castle windows into the surrounding woods. You can watch them during a regular tour of the castle and during the traditional joint observation organized every year at the end of August. 

  • Tip for you: In July and August you can explore Točník on a guided tourFree self-guided tours are offered at any time during the summer season. You will be provided with printed texts and a map so you won’t miss anything!  
Where to head next?

Točník has remained a landscape landmark on the edge of the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area to this day. You can enjoy beautiful views not only of the castle if you go exploring along one of the many surrounding marked hiking trails. But if the hike to the castle is a bit more strenuous for you and you don’t feel like a longer hike, plan a visit to the older of the castle brothers , Žebrák, near Hořovice, where you will find not one, but two châteaux. Or visit your neighbouring Zbiroh Castle, where Alphonse Mucha created the Slav Epic. 

Točník Castle



Hrad Točník, 267 51 Zdice




+420 778 761 741

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Parking lot available beneath the castle.


Dogs alowed (exept the chapel) only on leash.


Accessible, but the roads are tough.


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