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Žampach Viaduct


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Explore On Foot

Along the Posázavská Trail in the Footsteps of Hikers

This easy trail following the romantic valley of the Sázava River attracts visitors all year round. But it is most beautiful in autumn, when the whole valley turns golden.

The Posázava Trail is the most attractive part along the Sázava River between Pikovice and Kamenný Přívoz. The elevation is not high, so the trail is suitable for families with children and dogs, but it is not accessible for strollers. You can enjoy especially beautiful views. 

Start your journey in Pikovice, where there is a car park. You can also get here by train if you get off at the Petrov u Prahy stop on the other side of the river. The area around the river is famous for recreational and hikers’ huts which were built on both sides of the river, often on incredibly steep rocks with access only from the river. The first cottages were built here already during the First Republic. 

Along the way, you will see several viewpoints of the Sázava River valley and on the other side of the river you can observe the legendary railway line called the Posázaví Pacific. It is partly carved into the rock and at its end it bridges the Kocourská Gorge by the Žampašský viaduct. You can see it towards the end of the route from the Žampašská vyhlídka lookout. 

  • Interesting fact: The Žampašský viaduct is the highest stone railway bridge in the Czech Republic and some sources even give it the first place in Central Europe. Workers from all over Europe, especially Italy, participated in its construction. It consists of 7 arches with a span of 12 m, its height is 41.73 m and the first train passed over it on 1 May 1900. 

The trip ends in Kamenný Přívoz, from where you can take the train back to Pikovice. If you have some time and energy left, cross the river and walk along the other bank to the Kocourská Gorge. Only up close will you understand how impressive the Žampaský Viaduct is. In its surroundings you will find a number of mine galleries, which are accessible to the public through the Regional Museum in Jílové u Prahy. An exception is the Václav gallery, which is private and the first underground via ferrata in Bohemiais being built here. 

  • Tip for you: Above the Žampach weir, just a short distance from the route of the Posázaví Trail, there is a ferryman who will considerably shorten your journey to the viaduct. Moreover, you will avoid walking on a busy road at the very end of the trip. It is recommended to arrange the ferry by phone in advance. 

Just a few steps from the train station Petrov u Prahy you will find the hikers’ pub Zelená rokle. If you get hungry on the way and you have forgotten your snack at home on the table, take a detour of about 800 m from the crossroads Pod Třebsínem to Restaurant Zvonička 

Trip start:

Petrov u Prahy

Trip length:

9 km / 5.6mi

Trip duration:

3 hours

Trip end

Kamenný Přívoz

Altitude profile:

+86 m / 282 feet

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Elevation profile of the route

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