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Zvířetice Castle and Chateau Ruins


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Explore On Foot

Romantic Castle Ruins on the Jizera River

Discover the Jizera River Valley with a relaxed and easy route, exploring romantic castle ruins and immersing yourself in the town's cultural highlights.

An easy route along the Jizera River takes you through a romantic valley, with gentle ascents to the Zvířetice and Michalovice castle ruins. Beyond natural beauty, Mladá Boleslav provides cultural delights, including the Aviation Museum Metoděj Vlach and the essential Škoda Museum in this automotive hub.

Begin your journey from Bakov nad Jizerou station to the captivating Zvířetice Castle ruins. Unlike traditional tours, immerse yourself in the authentic remains and a virtual 3D video at the Podhradí information center. Sample local treats or find souvenirs at the pottery called Hrnčířský dvůr Zvířetice. Follow the scenic red hiking trail along the Jizera to discover the intriguing Michalovice Castle ruins. Admire the leaning Putna tower, offering panoramic views of the Jizera Valley, Loretto of Kosmonosy, and part of Mladá Boleslav.

  • Interesting fact: Michalovice Castle ruins, like many others, has a treasure legend. Over the centuries, treasure hunters attempted to uncover it, using tactics like undermining and even explosives. A fateful explosion, however, tilted the tower and buried them. Ghostly apparitions are said to deter subsequent seekers. Surprisingly, the treasure was found in 1935 during renovations—a pouch with 470 silver coins from the Thirty Years’ War era.

As you reach Mladá Boleslav on the red trail, take a glass public elevator to the rocky promontory hosting the historic city center. Follow the Metal Trail—an interactive trail connecting all of Mladá Boleslav’s landmarks, crafted by an artistic blacksmith—to explore the city’s rich history and points of interest.

At the end of your journey, the river, your constant companion, manifests again at the Old Town Square in Mladá Boleslav through an interactive fountain resembling the Jizera River. Returning to the starting point is effortlessly facilitated by public transportation.

Trip start:

Bakov nad Jizerou

Trip length:

14 km

Trip duration:

4,5 hours

Trip end

Mladá Boleslav

Altitude profile:

+19 m

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