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Glasstar Nenačovice Glassworks


Central Bohemian glassworks: a fragile tradition

16. 11. 2022

The year of 2022 is the International Year of Glass: the elegant transparent mass we cannot imagine our lives without. The strong tradition of Czech glass-making goes back deep into the past. It has not lost any of its prestige over the centuries – and if perhaps it has, glassmaking is experiencing a Renaissance. Let yourselves be inspired and take a look at the Central Bohemian glassworks. We guarantee a unique experience.

Accept an invitation to five Central Bohemian glassworks, where you can see the operation and master glass-blowers right at your fingertips. You will see the individual stages and traditional glass production techniques, and you may even be able to try some grinding work for yourself. Find out where glass is manufactured in Central Bohemia and, as a bonus, discover the endless journey of glass through the SRNA project.

Family Glassworks Rückl
Rückl Family Glassworks
Source: Rückl Glassworks

Rückl Glassworks, Nižbor

The family-owned Rückl glassworks in Nižbor, founded in the Beroun region in 1846, has been a synonym of world-class cut crystal for more than 175 years . The glassworks have gone through an interesting development and boasts extensive international success, as well as the production of the Český lev film award.

Learn about the individual stages and traditional techniques of glass production between Wednesday and Saturday during guided tours. For an additional fee you can try your hand at the work of a grinder – an experience that shouldn’t be missed. A glass grinding symposium will take place in June.

Waga Málkov Studio

In the Beroun region, you can peek under the skilful hands of masters in the WAGA Studio in Málkov, where invention is beautifully combined with the rich tradition of glassmaking.

All their products are created with fine craftsmanship. The studio has a small gallery and visitors also have the opportunity to meet the people behind the creation of the local products.

František Glassworks in Sázava
František Glassworks in Sázava
©Ondřej Soukup

František Glassworks

The dilapidated historical technical monument, the František Glassworks in Sázava, built in 1882 near the local monastery by Josef Kavalír, has been transformed into the Centre of Glass Art.

The centre boasts the largest collection of modern glass in the world, and you further can enrol in one of the glassmaking courses they organise.

Karel and Eva Urbans – glassmakers from the Bohemian Paradise

The family-owned business in Hubálov makes figurines for Nativity scenes, classic table figurines, souvenirs and gifts, specially blown figures, glass beads and much more. Come and see how the figurines are created and become a glassmaker yourself for a moment.

They offer tours and workshops.

Crystal Bohemia Glassworks
Crystal Bohemia Glassworks
©Crystal Bohemia

Crystal Bohemia Poděbrady

Central Bohemian glass is also thriving in Polabí. Explore the glassworks, which was founded at the beginning of the 18th century and has significantly influenced the global glassmaking industry over time. Czech cut crystal belongs amongst the best that has been created in this field.

One of the glassworks with a long tradition can be found in Poděbrady in Central Bohemia. Enjoy a visit to the spa town and treat yourself to a tour of the glassworks. You will uncover, among other things, the secret of the emergence of a fragile beauty that has no parallel.

The Crystal Bohemia Glassworks is the largest manufacturer in the Czech Republic and ranks among the global leaders in the production of lead and lead-free glass.

Broušení skla ve sklárně Glasstar Nenačovice
Glasstar Nenačovice Glassworks
© Romana Starová

There are many more glassworks in Central Bohemia

The small, family-owned Artcristal Bohemia Glassworks in Velký Osek also continues the tradition of Czech glassmaking and creates original glass products. They manufacture decorative glass products, namely for interior decoration. Original sports trophies are also made there.

Tom Bohemia Crystal in Bělá pod Bezdězem is now one of the largest manufacturers of handmade cut crystal in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1931 and, after a forced suspension, production was restored in 1990.

The Sázava Kavalierglass factory will show you what types of glass we need in our lives and cannot imagine living without. The glassworks, founded at the beginning of the 19th century, makes glass packaging including bottles and cosmetic flasks, windows and mirrors, laboratory glassware, industrial equipment, custom products as well as design products such as chandeliers. With a smelting capacity of over 220 tonnes of molten glass per day, the glassworks is the largest manufacturer of borosilicate glass in the world.

Glasstar, in Nenačovice in the Beroun area, might have only been founded in 1996 but it wittingly follows the centuries-old Czech glassmaking tradition and has managed to win both fame and recognition in the short time of its existence. The glassworks, which mostly manufactures original souvenirs, was literally founded on an open air building-free green meadow with only a small melting furnace . Find out more on a tour of the factory.

BONUS: The endless journey of glass

Do you need convincing about the endless cycle of glass? The SRNA studio in Vrané nad Vltavou deals with glass recycling. The ecological and design project gives glass a new life. Using traditional glassmaking methods, old glass packaging is transformed into original stylish utility objects. All handmade, with respect to nature and sustainable development.

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