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Memorial House of Josef Lada

In Hrusice, a quaint village near Prague, Josef Lada's villa now serves as a museum, preserving his life, unique illustrations, and literary contributions.

Explore the Memorial House of Josef Lada and his daughter Alena in Hrusice. Discover the life and creations of the renowned painter, writer, and illustrator. Get to know the origin of characters like the iconic cat Mikeš and the beloved figure of the good soldier Švejk.

Josef Lada drew inspiration from Hrusice and its surroundings. His family’s summer retreat, numbered 115, now stands as his memorial. Explore the footsteps of the renowned painter and illustrator, discovering significant dates, family photographs, traditions, and customs.

The first floor features an exhibition about Jaroslav Hašek and his famous novel, “The Good Soldier Švejk,” beautifully illustrated by Lada. His impressive studio and illustrations for fairy tales are filled with water sprites and water goblins. The final part of the tour highlights the work of his daughter, Alena Ladová.

  • Tip for you: Discover the Hrusice Eco Trail in the house garden—a year-round outdoor adventure for curious kids, offering nature-inspired activities.

Lada’s villa is encircled by a vast garden, including the original mushroom-picking forest on one side. Towards the rear, an arboretum with old fruit varieties is being developed, complemented by sculptures from Tomáš Havlíček in 2010.

  • Interesting fact: At the entrance to the garden, two mighty lindens still stand, planted by Josef Lada himself to commemorate the births of his daughters Alena and Eva.
Where to head next?

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Memorial House of Josef Lada



Josefa Lady 115, 251 66 Hrusice




+420 730 561 209

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Parking is possible in the parking lot in the square by the church.


The Hrusice restaurant on the square, the bakery in the former U Sejků pub, where homemade pastries are baked, and along the way, there is also a stall open from spring to autumn.
Snack shop

Snack shop

Restrooms are provided for visitors in the small building behind the villa. Additionally, there is an accessible toilet with entry facilitated by a smart latch – the code is specified on the ticket.


For parents with small children, a changing table is available.
Children facilities

Children facilities

Bike racks are located in the garden.


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