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hrad Český Šternberk


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Explore On Foot

From Kácov to Český Šternberk Castle

You will sweat a lot at times on the 13-kilometre stretch. Nevertheless, even the less trained can manage the route. Return to Kácov by train on the Posázava Pacific line.

On this moderately demanding trail, you can get by with just one colour of hiking markings. Red markings will give you a bit of a hard time now and then, but the fairytale finish makes up for it. Český Šternberk Castle is still owned by the family that founded it in the middle of the 13th century.  

The trip begins in Kácov, a popular paddling resort. The local landmark is a simple baroque château, which usually houses an exhibition of historical radios and the history of the Kácov region. You can cross the river in Kácov with your feet dry over a bridge or with your feet wet through a ford at the Kácov brewery. 

  • Tip for you: Currently, the château is inaccessible due to extensive reconstruction, so head to the banks of the Sázava River to the famous Kácov brewery with the Šalanda Brewery Restaurant and the possibility of a tour of the brewery. The tradition of beer production in Kácov dates back to the 15th century.  

The red mark will guide you through the entirety of Kácov. After the recreation and sports complex you will continue along the forest trail and across the fields to Pelíškův Most. There used to be a wooden bridge here, but in 1845 it was torn down by a flood. Continue along the trail through the forest and meadows past the village of Mazourov to Soběšín, where you can cross the bridge to see the originally Romanesque church of St. Michael the Archangel. After Soběšín you will leave the Sázava River and the path will take you to the valley of the Blanice River.  

  • Tip for you: If you like delicious meals, be sure to visit Motorest U rybiček, where they prepare famous fish specialities from several species of fish, among other things. You can find it on the shore of the Brtnice pond. 

At the end of the route, you will walk over the valley of the Brtnice stream past the Baroque statue of St. Vendelín until you reach The Dungeon, which was an outpost that once protected the southern access road to the Český Šternberk Castle. Today it is freely accessible and offers an interesting view of the Sázava River valley and partly of the Český Šternberk Castle . It is only a stone’s throw away. 

After a tour of almost all of the castle rooms, recharge your batteries in the Pod Hradem restaurant. During the summer season, the unusual foodtruck Sázava Kraken is open by the river. For the return journey take the train, which will take you all the way along the river. The train stop is just across the river. 

Trip start:


Trip length:

13,5 km / 8.4mi

Trip duration:

4 hours

Trip end

Český Šternberk

Altitude profile:

+79 m/ 259 feet

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