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Mnichovo Hradiště Chateau


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Journey Through Jizera Valley

Through the Tertiary volcano to the romantic ruins, and further along the wide Jizera Valley to the famous brewery.

How about hiking up the volcano? Don’t worry, it’s from the Tertiary period, and all that remains is a fossilized basaltic chimney. From the Káčov Hill, enjoy stunning views, perhaps even of Ještěd. Further along, you’ll step into the Renaissance. The romantic ruins of Zásadka Château, nestled in the picturesque Jizera Valley, await. Finally, in Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou, discover not just a renowned brewery but also beer spas to unwind at the trip’s end.

A moderately challenging trail takes you over Káčov Hill, a former volcano, now a scenic natural monument. Starting from Mnichovo Hradiště, follow the green hiking trail to reach it. Don’t miss the nearby ruins of Zásadka, where children can enjoy searching for gnome houses while you relax at romantic spots.

  • Interesting fact: Zásadka Ruins sit on private property, yet entry is free. Often, you’ll encounter the owners who lovingly maintain and enhance the site.

Across the Jizera River from the ruins, you’ll spot the Romanesque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, renovated by architect Josef Mocker, famous for his work on Karlštejn Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

Follow the blue hiking trail to Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou, named after the Cistercian monks who carved tunnels and halls in the rock here in the 12th century, possibly hiding treasure. The monastery later became a château and brewery, with the brewery’s cellars now hosting the iconic Skála restaurant. You can also glimpse the Gothic portal of the ancient monastery through the brewery gate and visit the monastery crypt by arranging keys at the municipal office.

The journey starts and ends in Mnichovo Hradiště. Explore the local château with its lovely garden and Baroque theater. Did you know Casanova once managed the famous library here? Discover the tomb of Albrecht von Wallenstein and a giant model of Drábské světničky at the city museum.

Trip start:

Mnichovo Hradiště

Trip length:

17,3 km

Trip duration:

5 hours

Trip end

Mnichovo Hradiště

Altitude profile:

+117 m

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